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Krystelle Johnson Lee Pre-CalJanuary 22,2018 Mathematical Analysis Mathematics is in every aspect of  life. What exactly is mathematics you ask?  Mathematics is known as the abstract science of  space, number, and quantity.  Mathematics is used in physics and engineering as well as studied in its own right.  Mathematics  in Aristotle’s opinion was “the study of quantity.” This was the known view of mathematics until the eighteenth century. When the nineteenth century came along the study of mathematics became more rigorous. It started to address different topics. For instance , topics like projective geometry and group theory. Mathematical analysis has to do with the study of limits and related theories. Where did analysis come from? Analysis came from calculus. Calculus is the study of change , continuous change. It’s just another topic of mathematics like geometry  and algebra.  It has two major concepts . Calculus breaks of into two concepts known as integral and differential. They are connected through “the fundamental theorem of calculus.” They have a lot to do with sequences and series. Mathematical analysis can be applied to all  things involved with space.   Mathematical Analysis were discovered in the seventeenth century. I’m sure it goes back further than that.  What are the main branches of mathematical analysis?Real Analysis Complex AnalysisFunctional Analysis Differential equationsMeasure theory Numerical Analysis Each branch varies in its own way and has its own specific duty. In the future , I believe mathematics will expand itself. It will be so much more complex than today . Because every day someone learns something new about it. Not everything is already discovered . It will always be undiscovered because you can’t discover something that has no limit. Being that we are still students i think we can’t see what’s important in math. We look at it being something challenging for us instead of trying to challenge ourselves and discover. But eventually i feel like the education system will flourish . Teachers will teach mathematics to students with purpose and enthusiasm , and we will see the students unfold out of what has kept them blind . Once the attention is grabbed  discoveries will be made . Jobs will continue to make you use mathematics ,because everything in the world has to do with math. We use money to pay for everything and suing money requires knowing and understanding how numbers work Personally, if i had the luxury of learning through excellent teachers i would happy to learn about the different topics. I believe that i could have made some discoveries . But in my case i was not exposed to  quality . Mathematics will continue to show face in our everyday lives. No matter what profession people decide to go into we use it everywhere. It’s imperative that everyone has a good understanding on the different concepts.