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Kyle Napolitano

Edward Wozencroft

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January 30, 2018

Study 1

1      The
problem faced by Plan International is that Plan International is a worldwide
organization that promotes rights and opportunities for children in need. While
headquartered in the United Kingdom, it has operations in 70 countries and has
worked with 81.5 million children in more than 86,676 communities. It requires
a highly-coordinated approach when emergencies strike. It must locate and
deploy the most appropriate resources wherever they are required within hours
or days. Regarding management, Plan’s old system was outdated which caused work
to be done manually. This made it so there was no way for individual employees
to update their own records with new training or experiences. Organizationally
Plan was unable to track skills people bring when they are hired and any additional
experiences they acquired for response emergencies. Plan International must
sort through data on all its 10,000 workers in 70 countries to see who has the
appropriate skills to handle any given situation. When a disaster struck, they
had to send an email asking all employees who had the right qualifications for
the situation.

2      Plan
added a new human resources system which allows them to see all data about its
workers’ skills at any moment. The system was implemented in only 16 weeks at
Plan’s headquarters and all international regions were brought onto the system
by 2014. Employees can also update their own information which is a much needed
feature the last system did not have.

3      Due
to Plan International’s nature of business the individual employees make the
difference in the recovery. If the systems are not fully updated then the
response time can be delayed which can end up being disastrous.

4      These
systems improved Plan International’s efficiency by a large margin. Managers
know immediately how many people work for Plan, where they are, what skills
they possess, their job responsibilities, and their career paths. Employees can
access their own records and update them when necessary. Plan can also show its
donors where their contributions go. All of this can be done instantly as well
which saves valuable human resources.

5      Plan
International can now dispatch its relief workers to disaster areas within
hours. Two examples of decisions being improved by Plan’s new systems are that
workers can be deployed to disaster sites within 72 hours and faster response
time saves more lives. The improved response time has helped Plan secure new
ways of being funded due to more credibility.