Lately the organizers will held several additional

Lately Job Fair/Career Expo is the job seeking
program most interested and eagerly awaited by job seeker. Because Job Fair is
a job exhibitions event that organized and followed by some companies that are
needs and looking for a potential employee for their company. Job Fair can also
be used as a promotion it means to introduce and sell a product from a company
to participants.

To attract the interest of participants then the
organizers will held several additional events such as profile presentations on
each company, games, music performances, and not only that sometimes the
company will provide a kind of souvenirs for participants who register to their
company. The strategy was chosen to increase the number of participants that
register and also as a souvenir. A Job Fair can be said ideal if it has met
some of the criteria that exist both from the arrangement of events, the number
of companies that participate, the capacity of the place, completeness of
information about the Job Fair, and also the promotion should be huge. usually
the Job Fair will be held in the University or large capacity meeting venues.

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In this digital era, the dissemination of
information about Job Fairs from the posters mostly done through social media
such as twitter, facebook, whatsapp, line, and also instagram. Most of the job
seeker are dominated by college students, both freshgraduated and
undergraduated who do not have work experience, it is due to the spirit and
enthusiasm in finding a job that is still relatively high.

Some public responses about Job Fair consist of some
people who just want to looking for companies that participate, add new friends,
some others assume that Job Fair is an opportunity for them to find out any
jobs that suit their skills and majors. They’re also thought that Job Fair is a
great opportunity to get a dream job. in there participants can also increase
their insight by interacting with employees at companies in the Job Fair.

For participants who have just attended a Job Fair,
they must prepare some necessary things such as CV, ID card, certificate,
transcripts, and job application letter. In addition, one of the important
things is the appearance, as participants who want to apply are advised to look
neat and attractive because it’s possible that the company will also consider

In my opinion, Job Fair is a good program of job
seeking that held concurrent by some companies to facilitate applicants in
getting the job. Based on the existing data, the number of unemployed in
Indonesia is increasing, therefore it would be nice if the Job Fair program
continues to be developed and more often held. Due to the existence of Job
Fair, the unemployment rate in Indonesia will decrease.

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