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Lauren Russell Mr. SpanierEnglish 4 AP19 December 2017The Doppelganger on  Jolly Corner In the Jolly Corner by Henry James, Spencer spends most of his adult life traveling around the world. When he finds out about the death of his two older brothers he moves back to New York so can visit and monitor the renovations of his childhood home on Jolly Corner. He finds himself visiting his property frequently as if he needed to be there. During one of spencers regular visits to his beloved estate, he comes face to face with a ghostly figure. “The image of the “presence,” whatever it was, waiting there for him to go–this image had not yet been so concrete for his nerves as when he stopped short of the point at which certainty would have come to him. For, with all his resolution, or more exactly with all his dread, he did stop short–he hung back from really seeing. The risk was too great and his fear too definite: it took at this moment an awful specific form.” He passed out from the terrifying sight and he wakes up with alice and mrs. muldoon by his side thinking he was dead. The mysterious figure intrigued Spencer and created an obsession with his childhood home. Spencers old childhood friend, Alice Staverton, realizes his obsession with his old home and the memories associated with it. She claims that Spencer has been searching for something, his alter ego. Her presumption made Spencer extremely angry and defensive, which is the most common response of someone who is trying to neglect the truth or is not ready to admit the truth.  Henry James uses Spencer and his alter ego to discuss the importance of memory and reminiscence. Bringing spencer back to New York, reconnecting him with his old friend Alice Staverton and reintroducing him to his beloved childhood home emphasises Spencers need to reflect on his past. His journey down memory lane allows him to differentiate between the person he used to be verses the man he has become. The old memories from his life at Jolly Corner gives Spencer the unspoken permission to move on with his life and accept that he has changed. Henry James chose the ghost as the main focal point in which everything revolves around. The ghost is not only Spencer Brydon’s Doppelganger or “alter ego” but it is also the Doppelganger of  Henry James and his own personal experiences and feelings from specific events in his own life. Different interactions throughout the novel between the characters and the ghost are a reflection of Spencers progress. It is a representation of how he is dealing with the death of his two older brothers and the choices he had made in the past. James chose to use a ghost to embody Spencers repressed feelings and issues. Using a ghost allows James to have creative freedom in expressing his psychological perspective of his own life in a somewhat physical representation of himself.