Learning and finish your assignments. Types ofLearning and finish your assignments. Types of

Learning is
what makes people enhance themselves. In fact, it is the thing that keeps us
alive on the earth. The definition of Learning is the acquisition of knowledge
or skills through study, experience, or being taught.



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principles provide an extra insight into what makes people learn most
effectively. They are divided into:


1- Effective
and Safe learning climate

must be involved in diagnosing their learning needs, Planning the learning,
identify learning resources and evaluate their learning.


between secondary school and undergraduate teaching and learning:


Sure, you
won’t attend as many classes as before but, there’s more than that.

you’ll study what interests you. Unlike high school where you study certain
subjects because they are compulsory.

Second, the
study will be your responsibility: Opposite of high school where the teacher is
responsible for the way you study the subject. But at university, you’re
responsible for identifying the best way to study and finish your assignments.



of Learning :


According to
a theory called VARK, there are four styles of learners:


learners: Prefer to see information and to visualize the relationship between


learners: Prefer to hear information rather than reading it or seeing it
displayed visually.


3- Reading/
writing learners: Learn best when reading and writing; Interacting with text is
more powerful for them than hearing or seeing images.


kinesthetic learners: experiential learners; they learn best by doing.


of Learning principles:


information from short to long-term memory is an important thing to be capable
of applying it anytime and to do that we need to learn actively and deeply by
interacting with what you learned.

I interacted
with what I learned by summarizing lectures, drawing mind maps and charts to
organize the objectives and make it easier to understand while revising.

Also, I
revise my lectures daily to make information in my long-term memory.


learning strategies:

My first
strategy is learning experience and studying group. Recently I’ve created a
studying group with my friends and we meet in the library from Sunday to
Thursday. It’s actually great because when someone struggles at some point the
other will help him to overcome it.


My second
strategy is the reflection , after each lecture, I write the objectives, check
what I have achieved, write what more do I have to learn, what are the sources
I should check and at last, I think about another way to study effectively.