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Learning American Psychological Association Format of Writing

In my pursuit to become a Social Worker, I have explored the skills needed in the profession. I find that some of the skills such as empathy, patience, connection, and resiliency are natural skills that have led me to this path. Taking the natural gifts that I have and being able to apply those alongside the ethical requirements of a Social Worker, requires that I master the skills needed to effectively write and contribute to the profession. I am inspired by the future profession I have chosen and welcome the opportunity to learn and grow in this journey. By continually developing skills and knowledge, I know that I will be able to become a successful and effective Social Worker. 

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Current Strengths Related to Writing

When it comes to writing, I have found it to be one of my stronger subjects, however, there is always room for growth and improvement. As a Social Worker, I will need to be resourceful, it is the same when it comes to writing. I will need to self-reflect to know when and if I need help, then find and utilize the appropriate resources available to ensure my success. Another strength I have is a growth mindset which creates an openness to applying myself to the learning environment.

Current Challenges Related to Writing

 Most of the writing I have composed in the past was in the format of the Modern Language Association. Writing in the American Psychological Association format will be new and different, which may pose a challenge, but one I am up to. I am excited about becoming more proficient in this formatting since this will be the format necessary to write in my chosen field.  Another challenge I face is the ability to write with more precision and professionalism. My past writing has been more creative in nature, so I will hone in on the skills needed to write in a factual and concise fashion. 

Writing Improvement Goals

The writing improvement goals I have for this semester, are to strengthen my ability to write more professionally with clear and concise language, increase knowledge and vocabulary of the Social Work profession and become proficient in using the American Psychological Association formatting standards. My plan for ensuring I meet these goals is to read and study all materials included in this class. I will also practice and apply these new skills in all assignments I submit. I will utilize any additional resources such as the writing lab and ask questions if needed.

Importance of Social Workers Written Communication Skills

As a Social Worker, I know there is the great importance of written communication skills. Social Workers often write case notes, treatment plans, assessments, court reports, policies, grants and many other types of written work. This skill may be just as important as the ability to connect with our clients. We also may need to possess the ability to take information in that is presented verbally and then transcribe that information into a factual and formal piece of writing.

Avoiding Plagiarism and Ethics

As an aspiring Social Worker, I recognize that I have an ethical responsibility that I do not take lightly. Ethics, honesty, and integrity are at the core of this profession. Educating myself on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it allows me the knowledge and power to be proactive and ensure that I conduct myself in the proper manner. This not only is the right thing to do, it also ensures my educational and professional career will not become jeopardized. The ways that I know I can avoid plagiarism is by paraphrasing, citing all sources, using direct quotations, and referencing. I am aware that there are also sites that will check to ensure you have not plagiarized before submitting your work. 

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