Let’s elements are: (1) Stringent selection andLet’s elements are: (1) Stringent selection and

Let’s focus on how SIA’s human resources
practices support the company’s success. Based on the interviews there seems to
be 5 major elements to its leadership in service excellence. Those five
elements are:


(1) Stringent
selection and recruitment processes: There is a rigorous process of
selection and recruitment in SIA where out of 10,000 applicants who want to
join the cabin crew only 900 get selected. Different phases of tests have to
pass to be the member of its crew like the English language competency test and
group and one on one interview. Empathy with passengers, their friendliness and
modesty is also taken into account. After going through all these steps just
for selecting and recruiting SIA acquires the finest of crew members who take
pride in being a member of the SIA team. Their effort to handpick each and
every member seems to be worth it considering the renowned service given by
these crew members.

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 (2) Extensive
training and retraining of employees: The newly recruits after this process
take part in a in a training course lasting four months. Here the crew members
are taught to be modest and courteous to the passengers. They are educated with
all the safety and functional areas of the airplanes along with the admiration
of gourmet food and wine accompanied by the art of conversation. This training
makes the employees at SIA learn to do things the SIA way. Here, they get their
managers as mentors and this also helps them to perform better.

team work and strives to achieve a team spirit among their cabin crew. They aim
to create esprit de corps by assigning the members into wards. While in
different groups it is easier for the leader to look at individual’s strength
and weaknesses as well as guide them personally. Also this creates efficiency
as there are lesser problems because of the team support and guidance. The team
leader who can eye and train each member of their group has various benefits
for SIA. They can know details of the members and train and appraise them simultaneously.
This team division is a vital part to SIA’s team efficiency.


Empowerment of front-line staff: SIA
lives by the motto that says “If SIA can’t do it for you, and then no airlines
can” To maintain this motto of service quality employees must know what help or
rights they have. They need to be able to help the customers and abide by SIA
rules. Here for example the passenger’s usual baggage weight is 20 kg but the
frontline staffs are allowed to raise it to 25 to 50 kg’s if they see it is
right to do so. This helps SIA have a competitive advantage as they make their
employees feel empowered. This feeling helps the members go out of their way to
help the customers. This also makes SIA feel like home to all employees thus,
increasing efficiency.


5) Motivation
of employees: Rewarding the employees has been proven to be a major tool in
any business. SIA rewards its employees by evaluating them on the basis of
grooming, passenger handling capabilities, product knowledge, safety knowledge
and their work relationships with their team mates. SIA believes that more than
financial rewards a pat on the back, photographs and write-ups in newsletters
can be more motivating. They use different reward and recognition methods like
various job content and performance based share options and a pay mechanism by
assessing the individual contribution and company’s financial presentation. (pulock, 2016) This is another
major reason why SIA can go cost-effective. SIA provides a relatively low
salary in the global standard which helps them save cost but it motivates
employees through power, recognition and pay according to the company’s
profitability. Understanding what and how to better motivate employees has
really helped SIA so far. (Wirtz, 2016)



Difficulties of Implementing
the Elements


These service elements may look easy to
achieve but only some businesses have executed these elements successfully.  The consistency and effort required are why it
cannot be mimicked by competitors. In service the front line staff are the most
important as they are what the customer see the company. The Singapore girl has
become a sign of excellent service quality and other brands have not managed to
signify service excellence and advertise their cabin crew like SIA. The front
line staff which represents a company has the power to make right and impromptu
decision to deliver and correct services given by SIA.