Lifelong learning to be a human beingLifelong learning to be a human being

Lifelong learning is the process of endless
knowledge retrieval for personal or professional purposes that are carried out
at all times, voluntary or self motivated. According to the Language Board
Dictionary, learning is a learning process for acquiring knowledge and
undergoing training. The process is defined as a person’s learning process
continuously within a chosen field. According to Professor Emeritus Dato’ Ir.
Dr. Mohd Zohadie Bardaie, 2002, said “Today’s science and technology will
be lagging behind in the future. Therefore, we need to update the knowledge to
be parallel and in line with the concept of lifelong learning to be a human
being relevant to the development and progress of the state ”

Seeking knowledge is a necessary basic
requirement for every individual regardless of race and religion. The concept
of lifelong education is not a new thing in our lives. On the contrary this
concept has long been practiced and practiced by most communities around the
world. Nevertheless, the concept has been given a new breath due to
globalization and an urgent economic market that is knowledge-based or K-economy.
Knowledge-based economy is a requirement to ensure the competitiveness of a
country. Productivity and quantity of products are interdependent between
leaders and people. Hence, the world’s leaders are aware that the main asset
for such progress is from the people. The asset is also associated with the
knowledge it possesses and is able to contribute to self-improvement, society
and the State. According to Linda Merricks in the book The Age of Learning and Knowledge Society,
2001: declaring learning is the key to gaining prosperity, whether individual
prosperity, society or a nation as a whole. Islam requires its followers to
learn and develop their ability continuously not only against the objects
outside of himself, but the champion of his own individual life as a group. 

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learning is a process for acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies either
formal or informal based on experience and training. Global competitiveness and
diversity of needs have urged individuals to constantly improve their knowledge
and skills. It is also demanded by employers and the industry to increase
In line with that, in line with the socio-economic
development of the nation, a handful of individuals are increasingly aware of
the need to empower their knowledge and skills for the sake of progress and