Listening As a result, the students haveListening As a result, the students have

Listening is one of the four language skills which learners usually find the most difficult. Research has demonstrated that adults spend 40-50% of communication time listening (Gilman & Moody), but the importance of listening in language learning has only been recognized relatively recently (Oxford).1In Germany, Students in primary school are expected to listen for about 2/3 of classroom time.2 Besides that, in acquiring a foreign language, listening, of course, comes first.  In other words, before someone understands and starts to speak,  they have to hear sound,  words, and speech patterns first.  Therefore, in learning a language, the first step to be acquired will be listening. Listening is obviously a necessary skill when communicating with others, but due to lack of real opportunities to listen to and communicate with native speakers, it is the teachers’ duty to provide other learning situations to improve this skill. Unfortunately, many students have difficulties to follow listening activity.  They felt under pressure to understand every word. It means that the students have difficulty in catching the information from the speaker. This might be caused the student’s limited vocabulary mastery and the condition of the class was very noisy. As a result, the students have a hearing problem and most of them have low motivation to learn to listen. The traditional ways of listening to and repeating textbook CDs or recordings may not be interesting or realistic examples of communication. Teachers must look to another facetsof listening that is typically enjoyable to students such as listening to music and watching movies and TV. Many experts say that watching movies is a great way for students to improve their English, especially listening and speaking skills.3 By watching English movies as one of the teaching-learning media in English lesson, it helps to increase the students’ sensibility in hearing sense and participation. It is because movies are very interesting and the students at all ages like it. There are stories to follow and observe. It will make teaching-learning process getting more interested and enjoyable for both teacher and students. Furthermore, as stated in the English syllabus of the tenth grade students of senior high school that the goal of teaching listening is as follow: “Memahami makna dalam teks fungsional pendek dan monolog yang berbentuk narrative, descriptive, dan news item sederhana dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari”4 (Understanding meaning of short functional text and simple monologue in the form of narrative, descriptive, and news item text in daily life context)   Looking at this goal, it’s important for teacher to provide students with enough input of listening exercises since many kinds of genres that they have to understand.One of them is narrative text. Many movies contain of narrative stories. By watching carefully chosen scenes and clips from a movie can provide students with the opportunity to become engaged in both a visual and audio representation of real-life situations with the natural vocabulary, phrases, slang, and intonation used by native speakers. As students become interested in the storyline and characters of what they are watching, their motivation to learn English may increase.             By the fact above, that is one reason why the researcher expected one new way to teach listening, the alternative technique, motivating the students to learn English and can be useful for those who are interested learning and teaching listening. From the background, the title of this research will be “The Effectiveness of Using English Movie on Students’ Listening Skill in Narrative Text (a quasi-experimental study at the tenth grade students of MA Pembangunan UIN Jakarta) 1Larry Vandergrift, Listening: theory and practice in modern foreign language competence, center for Languages Linguistics and Area Studies, , retrieved on January, 25 2016 2 Imhof, M. & Weinhard, T.  What did you listen to in school today? Paper presented at the 25th annual convention of the   International Listening Association in Ft.  Myers, FL. 2004 3Bloomsbury International, How to improve your English with movies, ( Retrieved on January 25, 2016 4 English Syllabus for tenth-grade students of Senior High School, KTSP 2004 undefined undefined undefined