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Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff took to his personal Instagram account recently to share a rare photo “hanging out” with both baby Jackson and baby Ember. Zach doesn’t post very often on social media, so fans were ecstatic to see the “lucky uncle” post a photo with both Roloff grandbabies in “baby heaven.” Followers also noted that Zach looked “so happy” with his “beautiful niece” and “handsome son” and also asked if he was “babysitting little Ember.”  Zach Roloff, 27, shared the photo just over two weeks ago, and In Touch Weekly called the photo “better than any gift under the tree.” The photo of Zach hanging out with first-born son Jackson and niece Ember is the first photo on social media of Zach alone with both babies. Although Zach captioned the “sweet image” by saying that Ember was “hanging out with her Cousin Jackson and Uncle Zach,” fans loved seeing Zach “take to the babies.”One comment noted that Zach looked like a “born natural” as he has bonding time with 7-month-old Jackson and 3-month-old Ember. Another follower commented what a “good man,” daddy, and uncle Zach Roloff is, while another comment pointed out how much the Roloff family loves each other and “each other’s babies.” Fans of Little People, Big World loves seeing how Zach interacts with his own child, Jackson, and In Touch Weekly said that the photo of Zach spending time with both Jackson and Ember was the “greatest gift” fans “could have asked for.” Overall, fans loved the photo that Zach Roloff shared on Monday, December 18, and say they can’t wait to watch baby Jackson and baby Ember “grow up together” on the small screen. Both Jackson and Ember are supposed to appear in the next new season of Little People, Big World, and one fan was quick to ask Zach when the new season starts. Zach’s fraternal twin brother, Jeremy, hinted in an Instagram photo of his own in December that filming was still underway for Season 13, and only rumors have suggested, so far, that Little People, Big World is supposed to return to TLC in March. Jeremy, 27, and Audrey Roloff, 26, welcomed baby Ember into the world in September, and there has been much debate about their daughter’s hair color since then. However, the photo that Zach shared “hanging out” with Jackson and Ember clearly shows that Ember’s hair “looks reddish” as she gets older. Many of Zach’s followers noted how Ember’s “red hair” is “coming in” and think that she will, indeed, have red hair like mom Audrey. “That little girl is gonna have hair the color of her mom’s! Such an amazing color!!”Since both Zach and Jeremy now live near Roloff Farms in Oregon, fans speculate that their children will be “fantastic friends and not just cousins.” Fans also think that Zach needs a daughter and “can’t wait until” another Roloff grandbaby is born. One comment on Zach’s Instagram photo shares that all of the Roloff grandbabies will have a “beautiful time” growing up on Roloff Farms and continue to make memories “just like Matt and Amy have with their beautiful kids.”The last new season of Little People, Big World ended in June with the birth of Zach’s son Jackson, and filming for the upcoming new season has been underway since August, as previously shared by In Touch Weekly. 

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