Love -he saidI was proud of myselfLove -he saidI was proud of myself

Love can be good or bad Vanessa Valdes It was 6:00 AM and I heard the alarm clock so I would wake up, it was the first day back to school so i began getting ready. I was very excited to go to school and see my teachers again, I loved to go to school. I was wearing a red dress with white dots, brown boots and a brown perce. My name is Amelia Lopez and I am in 10th grade. My parents worked together in a store, they had a small market company. The market was really successful and a lot of people bought from there. That morning I went to the kitchen to get my breakfast and my best friend Anne was waiting for me at my door so we could go to school together. We started walking to school together talking about the great vacation we had. She was really pretty she had brown hair, dark eyes, she was short and skinny and she was wearing blue jeans, a red hat, black boots and a black t shirt. We were really different my hair was ginger, i had really clear skin, my eyes were blue and i loved to wear dresses but we both loved to read short books and hear classical music. I lived in Sacramento, California it was a really hot place and it was always sunny. The school I attend to is called West Campus High School. We arrived to school and went to the library to pick up our schedules. Our first period was art and we only did an abstract painting. There was a guy called Aaron Anderson in our art class he was a really creative guy and he was a senior. He played football and was the captain of the team. I saw his art work and I was impressed of his talent, he did a perfect drawing of a couple in a park. I really loved that picture, it had a lot of detail and a lot of colors.  When the class was done it was lunch time, I went to get my food and he was there. I was really afraid to talk to him but i did.”The art piece you did was amazing”  -I said “Thanks, you are an awesome artist too” -he saidI was proud of myself because i had the courage to talk to him. I don’t believe in love but this time I fell in love in a minute. He was a really nice guy, he didn’t care if someone was popular or not and the best part is that he had a really big heart. I told my best friend about him and she was really happy for me. We began talking and we were together all the time at school. One day he asked me out and we went to get pizza. He told me about the soccer team and how hard it was to train. “We need to practice a lot because we have a really important tournament coming up” -he said”You have a really good team and you are a great captain” – I said”Thanks” – he saidI was thinking about him, and he was a really nice person. We were together all the time, everyday. Anne didn’t want to talk to me because i was never with her and i had totally forgot about her. I was a really bad friend for doing that and we got into a really bad fight. I arrived to my house that afternoon and began thinking about what i have done. Anne was right i forgot about her but we promised to be together forever and that friends come before boys. I went to her house and tried to talk to her but she did not open her door. I called her and ask if she wanted to talk and she did want to talk but she was busy that moment. The next day I went to her house to fix the problem i had caused and to say I was sorry. “I’m so sorry for what happened, I didn’t want that to happens. You are my bestfriend, my sister and it would be the worst thing in the world if i lost.” -I said.”Don’t worry, i just don’t want to fight with you because of a boy, and i don’t want to lose you.” -Anne said. I hugged her and told her I was really sorry what I did and that it would never happen again. I went to my house and Aaron was in the door waiting for me, we went inside my house and listened to some classical music and talked about everything. I told him about my fight with Anne and he said he was really sorry to her that. I decided to tell him that I was going to spend more time with her because i didn’t want to get in another fight. “It’s okay, but don’t forget about me either” -He said.”Promise I won’t” -I said.I was one day with Aaron and one day with Anne but i began to think it was to hard to do the two things, because I had other important things to do. I kept trying because I did not want break up with Aaron and didn’t want to get into another fight with Anne. I couldn’t do it anymore so I decided to break up with Aaron because friends always come first. So i told him to come to my house so we could talk. “Hey im sorry but i think we should break up because i thought i was ready for a relationship but im not. I really like you but right now i need to concentrate on school and other things, im really sorry. I hope we could get back together in the future but for now i think we are better if we are not together.” – I said.”Its okay I get you, and i’m sorry if i did something wrong that made you change your opinion im so sorry. I promise we will get back together in the future” – he said.”It was not your fault at all it’s a decision I made by myself but thanks for understanding.” – I said. I gave him a hug and then left. I didn’t break up with hi because i wasn’t ready i broke up with him because I wanted to spend more time with my best friend. I called Anne and told her what had happened with Aaron. She came to my house and I started crying because I really loved him. She told everything was going to be okay and I believed her. We went to school the next day and i saw him in the hallways, it was really weird because we didn’t even say hello to each other. When were together we used to hug when we saw each other on the lockers of our school. Anne saw that I was super sad and talked to me.”Hey i know that you broke up for me and I think you should get back with him because you both love each other and i’m sorry for doing that” -she said.”Im okay don’t worry and it’s not your fault it was my own decision” -I saidI went to class after that and I started crying. I saw both of them talking on the hallway and Anne looked really worried.”Hey Aaron I think you should talk to Amelia she is really sad and she misses you a lot” -Anne said.”I don’t think she misses me, she told she wasn’t ready to have a relationship” -Aaron said.”That’s not true i know she is ready just talk to her and see what happens okay?” -Anne said.”Okay I will talk to her after school” -Aaron said. I justed turned around and walked into my class. I thought about their talk all the class and after that I went to my locker to get all my stuff ready. I saw Aaron coming at me so I started walking. He grabbed my and said don’t run away we need to talk.”I really love you and I would do everything in this world to be with you even if you spend more time with Anne I still want to be with you” -he said”I love you too but I just think you are not happy with me and that you can do so much better than me” -I said”The only girl I want in my life is you, you are perfect and I would not ask for anything else” -Aaron said”Aww i love you” -I saidThat was the first time I had said I love you to a boy. I was really surprised because of that so i went to Anne and told we were back. She was super happy for me and didn’t get mad, she hugged me and we both began smiling. I was really happy to be with Aaron again but I was afraid to fight with Anne. Anne and Aaron became really good friends and I was really happy because we could hang out all together and have a lot of fun. We went to a classical music concert and it was really fun.One day we were at a party and Anne met a really nice boy and they fell in love instantly. I was really to see them together because the most important thing in my life is the happiness of my best friend. His name was Lucas he was a junior at a school, he was really tall and was also on the soccer team. It was a friday in the afternoon and we went to see them play their soccer game, it was really important because it was the last match the were gonna have that season. After that we went to get pizza all together and to see a movie. It was a really funny movie. I saw Anne and Lucas having a lot of fun and I was super happy that she had found a boy that loved her how she was.”I love with all my heart you are the best in this world” -Lucas said”Aww I love you so much you are the best person in this world I don’t know what i would do without you”-Anne said The next day I was walking with Aaron and we saw them fighting and screaming to each other so we got close to them to help them and ask what was happening. Anne said Lucas was seeing another girl because she saw texts on his phone. Lucas said that it wasn’t true. So we asked him to show us his phone he did not want to show it to us, so Aaron took it from him and saw the texts. He was really cheating on her he had gone out with the girl 4 times and Anne didn’t know anything. She began crying and broke up with him, I went to look for her at the bathroom and she was really sad and disappointed about everything. I told her everything was going to be okay and that boys are always like. She hugged me and told me i was the best to support her in everything.After a few days she was okay and moved on, she continued with her life as if nothing had happened to her, we partied together, watched movies and she was really happy i helped her forget about him an she continued with her life. I was still dating Aaron and we were perfectly fine, but I spent more time with Anne and that was a good thing for her. We watched a lot of movies together the three of us and ate as usual. Anne didn’t have a first good experience with love but she made it through and she continued to be the happy and perfect person she is.