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Love Lockdown    It was a time of great conflict. The war room was silent. I looked across at the sea of interlocked fingers and knuckles that lined the edge of the conference room table. I had gathered the nation’s best and brightest minds into this room, and we had a mission. Strategists, cartographers, decoders, and philosophers stared at the papers laid before them, waiting for the silence to be broken. The large steel-plated door to the room swung open abruptly. The room rose to attention.     “At ease gentlemen, there is work to do” Field Marshal Timmy sat down quickly.”General, with all due respect, when I look at these mission statements, I can’t help but think that this is all unnecessary.” Colonel Broderick spoke with authority. He was the eldest Colonel in the room, and by far the strongest strategist. But he was old. His methods were outdated, and often inapplicable to modern circumstance. Nonetheless, Marshall Timmy considered him valuable. “We have no other choice but to attack with confidence and strength.”    “General, I think that this strategy is outdated and ridiculous,” a small voice at the end of the table spoke out. Captain Winfred, a new recruit with little confidence, although being a great strategist. “We must act with caution, because if we act incorrectly, it could seriously hinder our diplomatic relations”    “I believe we are both correct!” a crackly voice boomed from the corner, Major Wilson. He was a desperate man, and no one took his input seriously.    “Of course you would agree, lowlife!” yelled Colonel Broderick yelled, fed up with the back and forth.    Slowly, Marshal Timmy watched his war room erupt into aggression and violence. Arguments bagan, one rowdy word after another merging in the air into indiscernible nonsense-just noise. “Enough!!” Marshal Timmy slammed his fist on the table with frustration. “This anger and aggression will take us nowhere! Time is short and we must reach a decision by nightfall.” the tension in the room was strong, but the leaders in the room new their place. The returned to silence***After 3 hours, no progress had been made. Silence still drenched the room. “Sir, I highly advocate Colonel Broderick’s original plan, with strong attack an-” Captain James was interrupted by Captain winfred once more, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,this is too risky, sir, and our frontal assault relies heavily on our Confidence divisions which would easily be routed by a Rejection missile, sir”