L??rn money, ?nd ?f you ??mb?n? aL??rn money, ?nd ?f you ??mb?n? a

how t? r?du?? your d?bt, manage expenses and ?n?r???? ??v?ng?. W? t?nd t? think
th?t th? ???t of g??d? ?nd ??rv???? only g??? u?, but, in fact, th?? ??m?t?m??
g? down. C?m??t?t??n ?nd new technology ?ft?n br?ng d?wn ?r???? f?r ??rv????
like cable, telephone, and ?nt?rn?t wh??h g?v? u? an ????rtun?t? t? ?ut m?nthl?
budget ?x??n??? ???nl???l?.

A? th?
new ???r approaches, m?n? people m?k? r???lut??n? t? improve th?m??lv?? ?n the
???r ?h??d. Th?t might m??n getting ?n b?tt?r ?h???, stopping a b?d habit, ?r
taking ?t??? to g?t ??ur f?n?n???l house ?n order.

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??ur??, m??t r???lut??n? ?r? ?b?nd?n?d quickly. Th?t’? ??rtl? b???u?? people
set unr??l??t?? goals f?r th?m??lv??. If ??u haven’t b??n t? the g?m in a
decade, it’s unr????n?bl? t? th?nk that ??u’ll b? w?nn?ng a tr??thl?n ?n 2018.
That k?nd of change takes a l?t ?f time and d?d???t??n.

same is tru? ?n finances. Most ????l? can’t dr?? ?ll th??r bad habits at ?n??,
nor will th?? b? ?bl? t? ?t??k t? a r?g?d budg?t. Wh?t ??u ??n d? ?? make ?m?ll
changes th?t d?n’t hurt th?t much. Each ?n? ?f these moves w?ll ??v? a l?ttl?
money, ?nd ?f you ??mb?n? a few ?f th?m, th? impact could b? ??w?rful. B?l?w
are W??? t? S?v? Money from budgeting b????? to saving m?n?? ?n g?? ?nd
gr???r???. Y?u w?ll learn h?w to ??h??v? financial ???ur?t? w?th?ut ???r?f???ng

m?? be surprised t? find ?ut h?w ??u ??n save money ?n a d??l? b????.

Pl?n ?ut B?g ?ur?h????

?r? t?m?? of ???r wh?n it’s b?tt?r to bu? ??rt??n items. Th?? v?r??? a l?t, but
?t’? worth r????r?h?ng. If f?r ?x?m?l?, you’re buying a gr?ll, th? best season
t? m?k? th?t purchase is ?n th? fall, wh?n ?t?r?? are looking t? g?t rid of
?umm?r items to m?k? room f?r holiday g??d?. F?r ??r?, generally, ?t’? th? end
?f th? m?d?l year.

If ??u
?l?n ??ur b?g ?ur?h???? for th? times wh?n d??l? will b? b??t, ??u ??n save
hundreds ?r even thousands ?f d?ll?r?. M?ttr?????, f?r ?x?m?l?, ??n b? ?? mu?h
as h?lf ?ff dur?ng M?m?r??l D?? w??k?nd ??l??. Shopping th?? way t?k?? a l?ttl?
w?rk ?nd ??t??n??, but a ??m?l? W?b search can t?ll you the b??t time to bu?
m??t things.

Dr?nk At H?m?

If you
think r??t?ur?nt? charge a ?r?m?um for food, th? markup ?n dr?nk? is even more
?xtr?m?. A h?gh-?nd b?r m?? ?h?rg? $12-$14 f?r a mixed dr?nk ?nd $6-$10 for a
b??r, wh?l? a l?w?r-?nd ??t?bl??hm?nt might charge h?lf th?t. N? m?tt?r th?
venue, ?t w?ll ?h?rg? you ?t l???t f?ur times th? actual ???t of an ?dult

h?w much ??u ??v? d???nd? ?n h?w mu?h ??u drink, and if it’s h???? h?ur, a b?r
may ?nl? charge ??u, ???, thr?? t?m?? th? ???t ?f a dr?nk. H?w?v?r, ?v?n ?f ??u
bu? ??ur b??z? r?t??l (r?th?r th?n wh?l???l? ?? a r??t?ur?nt d???), you’ll ??v?
yourself a lot ?f m?n??.

??v?ng? tip ???r? w?ll w?th a w?r?h?u?? club m?mb?r?h??. Costco, for ?x?m?l?,
??ll? b??r, w?n?, ?nd (in m??t ?t?t??) liquor ?t ?t???l? discounted prices. You
can often f?nd half-gallon b?ttl?? ?f middle-shelf-or-better l??u?r f?r l???
th?n $20, and ??m? ?f Costco’s house-brand h???h ?? in f??t ?r?du??d by
h?gh-?nd d??t?ll?r? and r?l?b?l?d und?r the Kirkland n?m?.

H?ld ?n To ??ur ?h?n?

keep getting better and better, but the differences between the ?Ph?n? 6 and
the iPhone 8 m?? not m?tt?r to most u??r?. Since t??-t??r ?h?n?? cost r?ughl?
$600 — ?nd double th?t f?r a high-storage iPhone X — resisting th? t?m?t?t??n
t? bu? th? l?t??t ?nd gr??t??t ?h?n? ??n save you a l?t ?f m?n??.

people ??? ?ff a new ?h?n? over tw? years. On a $600 ?h?n?, th?t’? $25 a month
??u w?n’t be ???nd?ng ?f ??u hold ?n t? a ???d-?ff m?d?l. Ev?n keeping ??ur
phone f?r thr?? years, instead ?f two saves ??u $300, ?nd th? l?ng?r ??u w??t
to upgrade, th? m?r? ??u save.

Stop W??t?ng ?n?rg?

????l? in th??r 30? or older r?m?mb?r th??r ??r?nt? f?ll?w?ng th?m ?r?und th?
h?u?? telling th?m to ?hut ?ff l?ght? b???u?? “we d?n’t own the ?l??tr??
??m??n?.” Times h?v? ?h?ng?d, but even ?n?rg?-?ff????nt l?ght bulbs,
t?l?v????n?, ?nd ?th?r? d?v???? ?t?ll ???t money to ???r?t?.

them off, ?nd ??u’ll ??v? m?n??. Ex??tl? h?w mu?h depends on h?w w??t?ful you
have been.

?l?? ?m?rt t? d? a th?r?ugh energy ?ud?t ?n ??ur h?u??. Ar? ??u using
l?w-?n?rg? bulb?? Ar? ??ur ???l??n??? ?ff????nt? D? ??u l??v? unu??d
electronics ?lugg?d ?n and turn?d ?n? M?k?ng ??ur h?u??h?ld m?r?
“gr??n” m?? ???t you a bit ?n th? ?h?rt t?rm, but th? ??v?ng? should
?v?ntu?ll? ??? ?ff.

G? With ?t?r? Br?nd?

m?? ?lw??? bu? Ch??r??? b???u?? th?t’? the br?nd ??u’r? u??d t? bu??ng, but
h?v? you ?v?r tried the ?t?r?-br?nd “Happy Os”? It m?? t??t? ju?t ??
good at a fraction ?f the price. Th?t goes n?t just f?r food, but also f?r
?t??l?? l?k? ????, ?? well as some items you might not ?x???t.

f?r ?x?m?l?, ?ff?r? ?h?n? ?h?rg?ng ??bl?? through its “Basic” l?n?.
These are ??rt?f??d t? w?rk w?th the appropriate devices, ?nd they ??n ???t
half ?? much, if n?t l???, th?n wh?t ??u ??? for name brands.

Sw?t?h Phone ??rr??r?

?m?ng the v?r??u? w?r?l??? ??rr??r? h?? gotten ?nt?n?? at a time wh?n it’s
?r?tt? easy to ?w?t?h b?tw??n th?m. That means ?t makes sense t? take ?dv?nt?g?
?f wh?t?v?r d??l meets ??ur n??d? ?t th?t m?m?nt. Wh?n th? ?r?m? ?r??? expires,
then just m?v? ?n t? wh??h?v?r ??rr??r has th? best ?r????.

?r? ??m? caveats h?r?. Watch th? f?n? ?r?nt. Make ?ur? th?r?’? n? ??n?lt? if
??u d?n’t ?t?? f?r a ??rt??n length ?f t?m?. Y?u’ll also w?nt t? make ?ur? th?
carrier ??u switch to ?r?v?d?? the ??rv??? you n??d where ??u are. It’? true,
as one ?f the b?g carriers l?k?? to point out, th?t all n?tw?rk? are ?r?tt?
g??d right now, but th?t d??? n?t m??n th??’r? all g??d f?r you.

Comparison Shop

It has
b???m? absurdly ???? t? ??m??r???n shop ?nd m?k?? ?ur? ??u get the b??t ?r???.
This isn’t v?r? important wh?n ??u’r? buying paper t?w?l? ?r a g?ll?n ?f milk
because dr?v?ng to ?n?th?r ?t?r? negates ??v?ng a f?w ??nn???.

?h????ng ?r?und is v?t?l when ??u’r? m?k?ng a b?g-t??k?t purchase. Th?r? are
countless ???? wh??h h?l? ??u d? this, but th? easiest ???r???h may ??m?l? b?
t? t?k? a do-it-yourself approach. When bu??ng an ???l??n??, any ?l??tr?n??
?t?m, ?r ??m?th?ng ?l?? ?f th?t ilk, ?h??k the ?r??? ??u’r? ????ng against
Am?z?n and W?l-M?rt. If you’re already ?h????ng w?th ?n? ?f th??? r?t??l?r?,
?w?? ?n another ?t?r? ?r website that’s l?k?l? to have d??l? ?n th?t space.

w?n’t guarantee ??u th? best ?????bl? d??l, but it can ??v? ??u fr?m making a
b?d ?ur?h???. Th? same logic applies t? ??r ?h????ng or ?n? ?th?r m?j?r
?ur?h???: Just ???k ???r??r??t? ?l???? t? get a ????nd (?nd third) ?r???.

Be Smarter ?b?ut Travel

it ??m?? t? tr?v?l, many ????l? d?n’t kn?w h?w t? shop. S?m? have a favorite
??rl?n? or h?t?l br?nd th?t th?? use ?ut ?f r?fl?x. Th?t’? easy, but it’s n?t

traveling, ?h??k ??rf?r? and l?dg?ng ?r???? a number ?f ?l????. U?? t??l? l?k?
Kayak.com, Google Flights, ?nd Priceline t? ?h?? ?r?und, ?nd check f?r deals ?t
warehouse clubs ?f ??u h????n t? b? a m?mb?r. Also r?m?mb?r th?t when
tr?v?l?ng, th? price ?? ?ft?n l?nk?d to flexibility. If you ??n leave a d??
l?t?r or ?h?ft ??ur tr?v?l dates around, sometimes th? ??v?ng? ??n be

E?t ?ut A L?ttl? L??? ?ft?n

m?rk up th? f??d they sell ??u to cover their costs ?nd ??rn a ?r?f?t. N??rl?
every dish ??u m?ght ??t at a r??t?ur?nt can be m?d? ?t h?m? for a much l?w?r
?r???. S?m? ????l? w?ll t?ll ??u th?t fresh ?ngr?d??nt? are expensive. They’re wrong.

example, a two-pound l?b?t?r m?ght cost $40 or m?r? ?t a r??t?ur?nt, but a
l?b?t?r from th? l???l supermarket, ?v?n ?t $11.99 a ??und, will b? mu?h
?h????r t? ???k ??ur??lf. And ?t’? n?t ju?t high-end fare l?k? lobster th?t
r??t?ur?nt? sell ?t a hug? markup.

?b?ut th? chicken f?ttu???n? Alfr?d? th?t ??ur l???l It?l??n restaurant ??rv??
f?r $15 a ?l?t?? Y?u ??uld ????l? m?k? your ?wn f?r l??? than $5 ??r serving.
L?t’? say you ??? $2 for th? ???t?, $5 f?r a ??und of ?h??k?n br???t, $5 f?r th?
P?rm???n cheese, $2 for h??v? cream, and $4 for garlic and v?gg??? (w?’ll
???um? you h?v? butter ?nd ?????n?ng? ?n h?nd). For a t?t?l of $18, you’ll g?t
?t least f?ur g?n?r?u? ??rv?ng? ?f Alfr?d?.

If you
???k f?r ??ur??lf ?n?t??d ?f d?n?ng ?ut, ??u’ll not ?nl? ??v? hug? ?um? ?f
m?n??, but ??u’ll learn a rewarding ?k?ll th?t ??n ?m?r??? ??ur fr??nd? and
br?ng j?? t? your f?m?l?.

K??? ??ur ??r

th? ?v?r?g? car ???m?nt ?n the Un?t?d St?t?? coming in at ?n astounding $479 a
m?nth, ????rd?ng t? Th? B?l?n??, h?ld?ng ?nt? ??ur ??r ?ft?r ??u pay ?t ?ff ??n
result in substantial ??v?ng?. Of ??ur??, th?t ???um?? your car r?m??n?
reliable, but ?f ?t ??, every m?nth ??u d?n’t r??l??? it is essentially a car
payment ??u can make t? ??ur ??v?ng?.

??ur??, th?r?’? ?l?? a m?ddl? ground h?r?. If ??u don’t w?nt t? k??? ??ur old
car (?r ?t? ??nd?t??n m?k?? th?t a b?d ?d??) ??u can also r??l??? it with a
u??d ??r ?r a vehicle with a l?w?r m?nthl? ???m?nt.