LSD heart in the long-term. Ecstasy isLSD heart in the long-term. Ecstasy is

was a drug that I did not know much about. According to the information from
the quiz it’s made of fungus. It’s commonly
distributed in small squares of absorbent paper soaked with the drug, which
users chew and swallow. It can cause psychological
problems, specifically in people with schizophrenia or a family history of
schizophrenia. Some users experience severe terrifying thoughts, fears of losing
control and fear of insanity and death.

Marijuana; Well I’m very familiar with marijuana, not
that I use it, but nowadays everyone uses it; mostly teens. The marijuana symbol is seen everywhere these days; on
clothing, jewelry, keychains and stickers. Marijuana is a plant that grows from
the earth. The main active ingredient that
gives the “high” feeling is called THC. I’m guessing it’s some type chemical in
cannabis that makes you high. Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals. It can
cause damage to the lungs and heart in the long-term.

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Ecstasy is a very dangerous drug.  It’s also known as ” MDMA” for short. People who use Ecstasy usually take it as a capsule or
tablet, though some swallow it in liquid form or snort the powder. It’s mixed with a lot of chemical, so you never know
what’s actually in the drug. The drug Ecstasy has countless negative affects on
your body physically. It increases the risk of heart disease and liver damage. The
drug also cost a lot of money, so you will end up probably stealing money from

Cocaine, a well-known drug, and has been found to be
the second most commonly used illicit drug after marijuana in the United States
of America. Cocaine is highly addictive and one of the
most rapidly addictive drugs used, and the drug produces an almost immediate
high, usually within 10 seconds. The routes of cocaine
administration consist of inhaling, snorting, injecting, or smoking. Cocaine is known to cause
permanent psychosis, paranoia, anger and even commit suicide.

Methamphetamine, also called
Meth is a white crystalline drug
that people take by snorting it (inhaling through the nose), smoking it or
injecting it with a needle. According to the quiz it can cause brain damage and
collapsed heart and blood vessels. Some signs of meth use include anxiety, nervousness,
moodiness and mood swing.