Macha’s or not. Controlled group: For myMacha’s or not. Controlled group: For my

Macha’s ExperimentSummative Unit 2By : Macha, Lemaire MYP2Experiment group:For my experiment group I have chosen that there will be the children that do not have phones because I would like to see if phones are the ones that make us not go outside or not. Controlled group:                                                                                 For my controlled group I have chosen that it will be the children that have phones because most children of these days use phones.Variable:                                                                                              The variable that I have chosen to change is the phone.This means that one group will not have phones (experiment group)and the other group will have phones(controlled group). And that is the only difference that will be in between both groups. Double Blinded: For my experiment I have chosen 10 people which 5 of them will not have a phone and the other 5 people will be able to use their phone. My experiment is blinded because I will not be the person who goes and takes the information I will send a teacher or a person that works at the school to go and take the information back from the students. My experiment is also double because I have too groups, my experiment group and my controlled group.Research Question:Does the amount we go outside changes if we do not get access to a phone in our break time? Background Information: For my background information I have went on a website called “The wall street journal” and there it said that they did a study in America on Adults and it said that 71% use facebook and 45% of those facebook user check the site more than 2 or 3 times a day. After that they explain that it sounds good but it is not. But for what I know and see at my school most people go a lot on their phone and almost never go outside.I also saw that it depends on the age level because on other childrens like 10 years old go more outside then 12 or 13 years olds. I think that it might be because they do not need a phone as much as the 12 years olds. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that if I give phones to children then they will go less outside then if they would not have a phone.Testing experiment:For my experiment I have 2 groups of childrens in each group there will be 5 children. Both the two groups will be 12 years old childrens. What I did is that for my controlled group I  gave phones to every single children because most children these days uses phone. Then I did the exact opposite to my experiment I did not let them with phones to be able to see the difference between the groups. Every single day of a week I have ask one teacher that teaches the children I have chosen to ask the following question to my control group only:Questions:How much did you go outside today?What did you do today?Did you have fun today?How much did you use your phone today? After a week of school where teacher asked the four questions above two my two group. I have ask the teacher to go one last time to both groups and ask them one last question: Did your week go as plan and would have wanted to change anything you did during this week? Draw conclusion:To draw my conclusion, with the experiment I have done I have found information that I suspected but still did not know. Most of my experiment group told me that they went more outside than they usually do. But they didn’t go all the time either they sometimes played games inside to try to have something to do inside and not have to go outside all the time. After I had talked with my  first group (experiment group) I went to my controlled group (the one that I gave phones to) where their they told me that they almost did not go outside during their whole day ,they have seemed to say it to the teacher I have send them like it was normal because they normally don’t go outside that much. What I have also found out is that the kids in my experiment group told me that they have actually liked not having their phones for a week because for them it kind of “forced” them have to have try to find something to do or to play because they did not have their phones. They have also told me that they would to do this again if they had to and they would not be annoyed.Communicate result:   If anybody had to this this experiment again I think that what they should do differently from what I have done is that they could maybe ask more questions to the students or maybe even do one week where one of the two groups should be the experiment group and the other week they should be the controlled group. One thing that maybe could be interesting to do is to switch the roles so the experiment group will be the controlled group and the controlled group should be the experiment group.Then if I had to do this experiment again I think that I would of made it more than a week, maybe a month or so. I have really liked doing this experiment ,the result I have gotten from the children were very interesting, I kind of knew the result I was going to get but I have not predicted all of them. In conclusion my experiment went as I planned and there was no trouble doing it and my Hypothesis was right.Media literacy:1 Who created this message ? The owner of the message that you have seen is probably shown in his bibliography or on some website their is sometimes a tab called about me or about us ,if the website has not been created alone, where their you can find information about the owner of the message he/her has posted.2 What creative techniques are used to attract my attention ?Sometimes what websites do is that on their title when you are looking for an answer they give their answer on the title so you are attracted to their website. 3 How might different people understand this message ?Of course when the website owner creates his/her website they have to consider different ways  what they are trying to say can be put at. Some people can get more offended quicker than other do. Some people might not approve with what the owner has written so might not understand it as the owner would of  liked him to.  4 Why is this message being send ?The owner of the message must of have a purpose to send this message it could of had been to informed the world about something or to help the future generation to make life easier. Of course there could have been a lot of different reason why this message has been shown on social media of on an other platform of information.