ManageWare with reliable real-time information and the



Warehouse Management Solution Built for the Real World”

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By taking the realities of current and
future warehouse environment into account, ManageWare is a warehouse management
system (WMS) solution developed with Auto-ID technologies to overcome warehouse
challenges, by managing and monitoring warehouse activities of raw material and
finished products.


From receiving to put-away, picking to
shipping, ManageWare takes care of all the processes within the warehouse with
reliable real-time information and the ability to communicate with other
management systems within the organization. The two specialization versions of
ManageWare are:


Raw Material
Warehouse version (for Discrete Manufacturing environments only)

Finished Good
Warehouse version


In today’s vast and intensely
competitive market, customer expectations are at an all-time high. In order to
adapt to the rapidly changing market with a flexible and scalable solution in warehouse
operations, ManageWare is designed to modernize your warehouse operations with
the following capabilities and benefits:


Increase warehouse operational efficiencies with accurate real-time stock information tracking and

Reduce warehouse operational costs with decrease stock returns and mis-picks

Improve space, storage, and equipment utilization with automatic replenishment notification

Reduce errors with
accurate picking

Shorten lead times with improved productivity

Minimize unproductive labor with fast responsiveness and remote data visibility

Lessen environmental impact with minimized paperwork


Unlike most inventory management systems
or stock-control systems—which only manage stock location and its
quantity—ManageWare is an extensive warehouse solution that manages productivity
within the warehouse with revolutionized features and functions:


Auto-ID barcode system with the utilization of mobile computers, WiFi,
barcode scanners, and barcode printers

Integral Processing Functions that include Receiving, Put-Away, Picking/Kitting,
Releasing/Shipping, and Physical Inventory (Stock Take)

Serial Number Tracking with barcode labeling

Cycle Count without
shutting down the entire operation

Seamless Integration with External System  with
information sharing in delimited text file format


As integration has become increasingly
prominent for organizations for overall warehouse operational efficiencies, ManageWare
works across two platforms with the following minimum system requirements:


ManageWare Web for Web Server

ü  Microsoft Windows 2012 64 bits Standard Edition and

ü  Microsoft SQL Server 2014 64 bits Standard Edition

ü  ManageWare Web System Software


ManageWare Application (Android) for Mobile Computer

ü  Android Operating System Version 4.4

ü  5-inch Screen Display

ü  2D-Barcode Scanning Feature

ü  Mobile ManageWare
Application (Android Version)

ü  Other Mobile Computer Accessories: Cradle, Charger,
Cable, etc.


ManageWare is a real game-changer for a
wide variety of industries in warehouse operations:

Manufacturing for Raw Materials

Trading and
Distribution of Finished Goods


ManageWare provides you with an
adaptable and remarkable user experience to increase warehouse efficiency,
simplify task completion and provide insight for decision-making. Take the next
step with us now.

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