many kingdom, which is when pyramids weremany kingdom, which is when pyramids were

many people when they hear the word Egypt they think of the old kingdom, which is when pyramids were first built, and also what i’m talking about today. Pyramids were used for kings when they died. King got his own. All of his wives had to share one. People put their tomb and belongings in their pyramid when they died. Thats the real reason pyramids were actually used for and were around for as long as they actually were I bet you’ve wondered who they were actually built by,, All tombs/ pyramids were built by slaves and by hand too.There are conspiracy theories that aliens built them instead of slaves and even though i’m not a believer i kind of believe it. the very first pyramid is called djoser and was built in Giza. It’s actually very important that these were built because they helped us figure out more egyptian culture yes pyramids are very cool buT heres some random facts you proBablY didn’t know about them.Some of the largest pyramids are in Giza, Saqqara, Dahshur, Abu, and many more.The pyramid of Giza was the largest man (or alien) made structure for over 3800 years.more often than noT pyramids have more than one passage.So there was some aWesome pyramid facts you probably didn’t know.who do you think had the fanciest tomb ? well it was king tut,,, His Pyramid was found 1922. Was built 1323 BCE was he died. his mask, which was kept in his tomb for over 1000 years. Is now known as a well known symbol world wide.So those were some facts on one of the most famous pyramids in history. as you can see egyptian pyramids are very important, and helped scientists/ archaeologists Pyramids are very important and helped so much with history without them we probably wouldnt know half of what we know today about egypt.Mostly pharaohs/ kings and his wives had pyramids. you had to be upper or atleast middle class to have a tomb which is what was put in pyramids Honestly i think pyramids are really cool and helped a lot with history