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Margaret Thatcher


   The most steady prime minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990), Leader of the Conservative Party (1975-1990) and the first woman as prime minister- Margaret Baroness Thatcher. A Soviet journalist named her ‘Iron Lady’, because of her politics and leadership style. She was elected for three terms, her policy- Thatcherism.

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   Thatcherism is a systematic, reversal of the post-war consensus and close regulation of the British economy. It is maintained a free market, privatized key national industries, also tax cuts with British nationalism.  The main aim was overturning the economic Britain decline.

  During the Hunger Strike where the members of IRA gone on strike to reestablish their status as Political Prisoners, Margaret Thatcher didn’t care if the strikers died. She showed her hard attitude.

   Margaret Thatcher became known in decreasing the power of Trade Unions.

   When Thatcher became prime minister in 1979, the UK was in shambles.  The country was dispirited, heading for bankruptcy, dominated by aggressive unions, made worthless and unreliable cars, lost huge numbers of talented people to the drain-away, had far too many inefficient government-owned businesses, and totally lacked an entrepreneurial culture.  Love her or hate her, Thatcher changed that, and she did so openly, aggressively, and without once apologizing for destroying union power.  When she left 11 years later – forced out by the ‘wets’ in her own party – she left behind her a dramatically changed nation.  No longer do you have to be from the so-called upper class to become an executive; now you can get there on talent alone.  Today, even 25 years after her reign, Britain is a place where the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

 Not everything she did was necessarily right, she became less popular when her policies started to take effect. She polarized: you loved her or you hated her.  But in my opinion, she rescued Britain from its slide into oblivion.