Marijuana and have fought for for manyMarijuana and have fought for for many

Marijuana is a misunderstood drug. The legalization of marihuana has been a topic of discussion all over the world, and have fought for for many years mostly for its medical uses and effects on people. Marihuana has its different effects on people depending on its uses.Should marijuana be legal or not? should a drug consider “harmfull” for people because of its effects on non moderate smokers be legal? but with medical and moderate consumption marijuana may cause no harm. The normal effects of the use of marihuana are dizzines, change in perception, euphoria, and increase on appetite.Many assume that the usage of marijuana, is dangerous like it can increase the chances to have lung cancer, make us incapable of doing some tasks but this effects haven’t been prove. People dont realize that every smoke that passes through your lungs is harmfull, from smoke of fire to tabaco and marihuana. All of them can increase the chances to have lung cancer but the moderated use of marihuana is not harmfull. Scientist have prove that pople who have a daily non moderated use of marihuana have Highest chances to have lung cancer but if you use it in a moderate way and by prescriptiom it cant cause any harm.Other reason against the legalization is that people think that by legalazing marihuana its use may increase substantialy because it may be much more accessible but with gobernamental laws it can be control, and the street can be cleaned up of  ilegal dealers. You as a doctor or legal dealer should only sell marihuana by medical prescription and with little amount of 1 to 5 grams per person.A good example of drug policy is Holand. Holand is known to be one of the main countris which legalized marihuana. They make laws like the law stablish on january 7, 2013 which said “possesiom of soft drugs for personal use in quantities below 5 grams or 5 marihuana plants”, and it sell is deriveratly control in some “coffe shops”  that have a licence. Other countries have legalize marihuana for restricted medical and scientific purposes like Germany, Colombia, Finland, Australia, Greece, India, etc but they also have an amount control and punishment nd has enalties for marihuana’s ilegal uses, production, sell, and its trafic to other places.In the other hand, it can also be helpfull. Marihuana is Considered to be a gateway drug, marijuana has developed a negative reputation because of different effects on non medical daily use. Marijuana may be an addictive drug when it is used frequently , but it has many medical uses. Many patients found it very effective, whether by prescription or over-the-counter. Medical marijuana should be legalized just for medical uses, but should be regulated, because it has helped people with diseases such as Glaucoma, cancer, anxiety, deppresion, alzahmeir, muscle spams, arthritis, etc also for pain releaver, head ache, or any emotional pain.While prescription painkillers, alcohol and other drugs cause thousands of overdose deaths each year, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.There’s any dead reported caused by a over dose of marihuana or by its consuptiom just because marihuana cant have a over dose. Marihuana have its pros and cons but if it’s use rightfully it may really be hepfull for people. Marihuana should be legal and its consumption and sell can be control by medical institutions. Marihuana’s harm, like the increase of lung cancer, schizophrenia, violence, havent been prove by any scientist or medical institution. It legaliztion mu be good for now a days society and will be accepted by people.