Marketing target audience, so the target willMarketing target audience, so the target will

Marketing is one of the most important plan for business development as it is the bridge between the product and consumer. There have four types of marketing strategies which were promotion, pricing, placement and distribution, and product.   The marketer should choose the best form of promotion regarding to the target audience, so the target will attract to the marketing plan.   2.1 Promoting tactics    Our company had identified that advertisement, campaign and brochures were most suitable to be carried out to promote our product. These activities are very useful as it was being used by other many companies. Moreover, as a marketing department has all agreed to, we had identified potential target customers and potential communication media that able to raise awareness, increase sales and instant response about our product and services from the consumer. Initially, our company had recognized all the goals that can exceed all expectation that able to attract the eyes of the consumer. Therefore, we had chosen the advertising method as the best way to promote our product.   Advertising  Advertising is an easier, cheaper and time saving to promote the product that act as communication to a target audience using media. In fact, advertising is an act of developing a specific message that include inform, remind and persuade to illuminate individuals who get them. There are many types of media advertisement. For example, mass media such as newspaper, television, radio, flyer, online and magazines.  After the discussion conduced, we plan to use the low cost of advertisement such as newspaper, flyer, (WHICH BAG COMPANY USE?) and online (Facebook, WeChat, Instagram) that include themes, branding and services suiting the goal of our company. Moreover, as our company had found that local newspaper usually offers special advertising opportunity for businesses as it usually delivered to all type of audience that we targeted. Therefore, we would send a proposal letter to the newspaper and will wait for their approval to advertise our company’s product and services. A successful advertisement  would allow the viewer want to know more about the product, thus persuading the viewer to purchase the product.  Promotions   Second, we had chosen the sales promotion method to promote our product. Sales promotion are usually successful as it is able to push and pull the customers to visit more on our store and offers a great way to get back their attention. Sales promotion is the process of persuading the customer to make a large purchase on our product. Moreover, it is also a short-term tactic to increase in sales and a method to build long-term customer loyalty. Initially, the customers may think they were able to save money as long as they have promotion in fact everyone like free or promotion product. Therefore, we are going to give 25% discount to the customer whom purchase our products exceeding RM160 in one receipt, coupons giveaway to regular customer, teenager’s promotion, free shipping to create customers security and also buy three get one free to give motivation for the customers to purchase it.    2.2 Pricing   As of the pricing department, the price for the product is RM80, as the product is 5 in 1 bag which the bag can change into a handbag, schoolbag, travelling bag, luggage and cosmetic bag which was not too expensive for a consumer. In order to attract a consumer away from the competitors, we would use low cost to persuade the consumer to think of purchasing the product. (HOW IS THE COST OF THE COMPETITORS? SPECIALTY.) Low pricing strategy is suitable for our  company because the materials we used for producing the product were all offer in the market. In fact, the product is affordable and able to help consumers to save money and space rather than buying each type of bag they wanted. Therefore, our company will set a lower price for the product even though the uses of the product.