Mechanical in engineering could provide for me.

Mechanical engineering
is irrefutably challenging by being one of the most demanding fields using
advanced technology and professional skills, to make a difference to the
society, but I believe it to be a most rewarding and exciting occupation. New research
is continuously shaping our understanding of the world we live in, and by
creating, debating and reforming practical solutions to solve everyday life
problems has always given me great fascination and I would appreciate the
opportunity to be part of this practice in a professional aptitude.

I cannot
visualize embarking on a career in any other discipline and it is my keen enthusiasm,
coupled with my passion for mechanical engineering that has prompted my
application to your institution. My passion is for figuring out how things
work. For this purpose and throughout my enjoyment of studying maths and
science at school and working as an apprentice at my father’s car mechanic
garage, I have become highly aware of the personal satisfaction a career in engineering
could provide for me. Finding out how products are created, balancing technical
functioning with appealing, environmental and cost-effective values if of huge
interest to me. Mechanical engineering charms me because it will allow me to
employ various scientific training and mathematical systems I have learnt to
solve real-life difficulties. I am a subscribed member of the Engineering
Magazine for Innovation in Technology, Manufacturing and Management and I often
engage in further studies to enrich my understanding of general engineering and
aerospace engineering. I recently attended an Engineering taster session at
City, University of London offering me an understanding into the study of
Engineering at a University level and further nurturing my desires to secure
employment within this sector in the future.

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my Industrial Maintenance Technician (Mechatronics) Diploma studies in Portugal,
I have been able to develop various range of skills and I now consider myself a
confident, professional communicator via both the written and spoken word. My
capacity to comprehend effective research and analysis has been further
improved in numerous assignments within the field of Mechanical Technology, Machinery
Features and Electrical Machinery.  My capacity
for team work has been highly advanced through collaborative projects and
numerous group work. I am adept at self management, including planning and
meeting deadlines and, as proven throughout my study, my presentational skills
are of the highest quality, demonstrated in the complex information delivered
to academic teachers and fellow peers. My approachable personality can be shown
by my diverse social circle with many friends from different cultures and
backgrounds. I have been nominated a class representative for 3 years and I am
capable of providing effective solutions and a friendly eat to my classmates.


completing my diploma, I have been chosen to work for Caetano Coatings in
Portugal, an engineering company that focuses on applying protection materials
and surface treatments with the use of highly advanced knowledge and
technology. I was responsible for developing problem solving expertise by
creating practical solutions to problems that occurred with machinery and
robotics within the automotive segment. In occurrence of a problem, my
analytical thinking skills, excellent knowledge of engineering fundamentals and
systems were highly beneficial for finding solutions. My general IT skills and
analytical thinking skills made me become comfortable writing and analysing
technical reports. I often had to complete assigned tasks within time and cost
restrains which made me able to work under pressure and become highly
organised. In 2012 I have moved to London and started working as a self employed
Maintenance Technician. My duties varied from building out

systems to maintaining machineries used in construction sites and new homes.

This experience enables me to have a deeper understanding of importance of
mechanical engineering for our communities and how we can make a huge
difference in our society.


I am extremely excited and eager about studying such a
fascinating, challenging and fulfilling subject. My future plan is to be
Mechanical Engineer after completing an undergraduate course, followed by
postgraduate trainings and gaining Chartered Engineer status to be able to
secure an exciting career path in some of the most dynamic industries to make a
difference with what I will learn at a degree level. 

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