Meera Thomas Fire. This picture shows theMeera Thomas Fire. This picture shows the

Meera Dolasia explains that a small brush fire in Ventura County, CA exploded in California Firefighters Try To Contain Rapidly Spreading Wildfires. This fire then spread, making it one of the biggest, baddest, 230,000-acre-destroying fire of the other fires in California. This small spark fire happened at 8:28 PM (our time) on December 4. It was named the Thomas Fire. It sparked many other big and dangerous fires. This huge fire has spread to Santa Barbara County, Carpinteria, and Montecito so far. There are many other fires, such as the Creek Fire, Lilac Fire, Rye Fire, Thomas Fire, and Skirball Fire. The Thomas Fire is already the fifth largest wildfire in modern California history (according to the article). Winds helped the fires spread across California. A picture in the article shows how the winds fan fires and create turbulence. This helps the reader visualize how the fires might have started. Some of the other pictures in the article show all of the different fires. The first picture shows the Thomas Fire. This picture shows the reader how fast the fires can spread, and what affect it has on the cities in California. Another picture shows the fires caught on the NASA satellite. This shows the reader how big the fires really are. There is also a picture provided that shows where the Lilac Fire is happening. This picture shows the reader how big the fires are. Last but not least, the final picture shows the Skirball Fire. One could easily see that the fires spread quickly.I chose this article because it popped out to me. I heard about the fires on the news and CNN 10. I wanted to learn more about them. This news relates to science because scientists have to study the fires. NASA had to put a satellite in space to view the fires in California. There are special scientists that can measure and observe fires. Lots of people either live in California or have relatives in California. This information might be beneficial to one in California, because they can see if a fire will hit them or not. It’s important that someone is reporting this because, like said above, many Californians are being affected from these fires. To share this knowledge, one could simply tell another about this. I think that a lot of people are talking about these impacting fires, so it is easy to spread the topic around.