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To: Madam Nor Yazi Binti Khamis (Senior Manager of David Lloyd Photography)
Gautham A/L Pappachan (Supervisor, Graphic
and Photoshop Department)
Mohammad Ihsan Bin Jamaluddin (Photographer,
Graphic and Photoshop Department)
Ali mohammad Omar Salem ba Salem (Editor, Graphic
and Photoshop Department)
Date: 18/12/2017
Subject : Recommendation
for Purchase of new Electronic Office Equipment’s.

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1.0 Introduction
The purpose for this report is to make a
recommendation for purchase of new Electronic Office Equipment’s. This notice
will dissect the brand of office hardware’s and suggest the best decision. We
had done an examination for couple of hours on two distinct brands that are
notable in Malaysia which are HP and SAMSUNG to buy three diverse office
hardware’s, for example, printer, camera and office phone with worked in fax
machine. We as driving organization in this industry, are propose to give an
impeccable shot and altering utilizing High Tech Photoshoot programming.
Other than that, we in like manner got bare essential information on the
things from the customer study. In light of our examinations, we should need
to propose the electrical equipment’s of brand SAMSUNG to be purchase.
1.1 Background
David Lloyd Photography was begun in 1997 by
David Charles, New York. In 2000, David Lloyd Photography started covering
occasions in Kentucky and Singapore. Before long opened a third area in the
District. By 2010 David Lloyd Photography had completely moved the business
to Malaysia and sold its business in Kentucky and Singapore.
David Lloyd Photography employs a staff of
photographers, managers and associates in the headquarters in Cyberjaya,
Malaysia and additionally a system of independent photographic artists the
nation over – every one of whom have been formally assessed and prepared in
David Lloyd Photography workplaces, studio and on area.
The organization prides itself on quality
photography, professionalism, client benefit and our extensive rundown of
customers, huge numbers of whom have progressed toward becoming companions
throughout the years.
We specialise in two fields such as:
1) Photography in :                                                        

Architectural photography
exposure photography
art photography
2)  Photoshop in:
Move, Extend & Patch.
support (for performance)
HDR Toning
and HDR Pro.
2.0 Statement of Requirements
In searching for a brand of electronic office
equipment’s, the Board of Director has established several yardsticks for the
recommended purchase of a new office telephone, fax machine, printer and a
digital camera. For the office telephone can be buy together with fax machine
which is already been attached. This may save cost and multitasking in one
single device. Due to buying two instead of one, the budget mention was RM450
and should be high in speed during faxing. Finally, should be suitable for
our small receptionist table, which is quite small.
For the camera, there have been a couple of
criteria developed for the purchase of the new printer. The criteria are
developed by considering a couple of centres and conditions. To the exclusion
of everything else, the cost of the camera has decrease to RM 5000 so the
camera is recommended should be inside the doled out extent of total even
after the extension of a couple of extra things of the camera. Next, the optical
sensor of the camera. This is basic in light of the way that the got camera
should be worked in with high assurance to gives an average quality pictures Next,
the weight of this camera must be less light to pass on it wherever we desert
any troublesome. Thusly, the largeness of the camera should be under 700g.
Thirdly, the additional features that are related with the two cameras ought
to have been considered furthermore is the battery life-cross of the camera.
This can avoid any photo taker to bear various batteries with them. In case
do, it makes more troublesome for them to focus in completing the
assignments. The future of the battery must be separate and differentiate and
the best shots taken per charge using.
For the printer, the cost of the printer is one of the major factor.
The budget that is allocated for the purchase is only RM1900. So the printer
that is recommended should be within the allocated range of amount even after
the addition of several extra items of the printer.  Next, the weight of the printer. This is
important because the purchased printer should be placed on top of the office
table which can support only a limited weight. The weight of the printer
should be less than 15kg. Finally, the additional features that are involved
in both printers needed to be taken into account also. Features that are
considered are as such, LCD availability, Capacity, and double side printing.
LCD is
required because it would be easier to handle the printer as everyone would
operate it. Maximum paper input capacity should be higher than 100 because we
can’t always refill the paper tray little by little. Finally, the chosen
printer should have double- sided printing mode, so that the time would be
less consumed because we don’t have to take the one- sidedly printed paper
and re- enter it into the printer to get both sides printed
3.0 Discussion
3.1 Office Telephone with build in Fax machine (Gautham
A/L Pappachan)
Based on data given in the appendix (table 3.1) below, one of the significant focuses for
influencing the proposal to purchase office telephone with build in fax
machine between HP and Samsung is specification and features of their
products. For HP and Samsung, both element for office telephone is common, the
distinction is in the worked in fax machine which is excessively unique in
relation to each other. To start with is the fax limit, which is 10 sheets
for Samsung and 50 sheets for HP. We can see that HP is much worth contrast
with Samsung yet we generally wont fax more than 10 pages usually. Then
again, the speed factor is vital for faxing to avoid hang if line interferes.
Speed for the Samsung is 6 second for each page where else, for HP the speed
is 15 seconds for each page, which is very postponement.
Measurement of this fax machine is vital to put on an appropriate
place. Measurement of HP is greater contrast with Samsung which makes Samsung
more adaptable and simpler to move. There is another imperative factor we
consider the most, which is cost. Samsung SF371P is RM350 and HP 1040 is
RM430, which makes Samsung less expensive yet dial work for HP is perplexing
contrast with Samsung. Warrantee assumes a genuine part in value factor, the
higher the value the higher the warrantee term, which makes HP warrantee for
2years where else Samsung just 1 year however warrantee does not give great
effect the quality of an item.
The Samsung Fax machine (SF371P) has accomplished a few criteria that
had been picked by the Board of administration.


Samsung SF371P

HP 1040 Inkjet Fax Machine w/Built-in
Telephone Handset



RM 350

RM 430

Fax Capacity

10 sheets

50 sheets


6 second per page

15 sec per page


1 year

2 years

L x W x H

232 x 355 x 118

340 x 366 x 160

Ink Type

Ink Jet

Ink Jet

Table 3.1: Features and Specification of Office
telephone with build in Fax Machine
3.2 Camera (Mohammad Ihsan Bin Jamaluddin)
Hewlett-Packard D3500. The cost of the HP
D3500 is RM1000.00 which is less expensive than Samsung NX30 is RM 4787.85.
Indeed, even with the cost of Samsung NX30 is costly, despite everything it
not surpasses our criteria and in this way, we prescribe the Samsung NX30.
The Samsung NX30 have great innovation and have a considerable measure
advantage to the picture taker also the organization.
The determination for the Samsung NX30 is
20.3 Megapixel higher contrast with HP D3500 that has 14.14 Megapixel. In
addition, Samsung NX30 additionally has the most recent optical sensor
compose that is CMOS (correlative metal-oxide semiconductor) while HP D3500
has CCD (charge-coupled gadget). For CMOS sensor, it has a considerable
measure of points of interest contrast with CCD sensor and one of the focal
points is it can take rapid moving article and gives a superior picture. CCD
sensors make superb, low-clamor pictures while CMOS sensors, for the most
part, are more defenseless to commotion. Since each pixel on a CMOS sensor
has a couple of transistors arranged close to it, the light affectability of
a CMOS chip tends to be lower. An extensive part of the photons hitting the
chip hit the transistors as opposed to the photodiode.
Battery for Samsung NX30 and HP D3500, both
Samsung NX30 and HP D3500 utilizing lithium particle battery innovation.
Lithium particle or Li-Ion is the most recent battery innovation has a high
evaluating among global picture taker on the grounds that the battery is lighter
in weight and higher life-span contrast with basic and nickel metal-hydride
batteries. For HP D3500 battery control is 1100 mAh lower than Samsung NX30
with 1410 mAh. As the power for HP D3500 is less, the execution in battery
life likewise diminish. In this way, the most extreme shots take per charge
utilizing for HP D3500 is 300 shots, while Samsung NX30 can take 360 shots
for every charge utilizing.


Samsung NX30

HP D3500


RM 4,787.85.

RM 1000.00


RM 86.90

RM 56.90


RM 218.16

RM 147.35

Beg Camera

RM 79.99

RM 59.99

Sensor resolution

20.3 Megapixel

14.14 Megapixel

Optical Sensor Type



Image Recording Format



Effective Sensor Resolution

20300000 pixels

14140000 pixels

Max Video Resolution

1920 x 1080

1280 x 720


40.64 mm

76.2 mm

Optical Sensor Size

15.7 x 23.5 mm

7.66 x 6.17 mm

Width x Height

127 x 96.52 mm

111.76 x 58.42 mm


650 g

724 g

Table 3.2: Features and Specification of Camera
3.3 Printer (Ali mohammad Omar Salem ba Salem)
SAMSUNG C1860FW printer is
the ideal alternative to buy since it has a base cost of RM1600 while the
side parts for this printer costs around RM 98.00. Thus, the aggregate cost
for SAMSUNG C1860FW is RM 1698. Then again, despite the fact that the cost of
side parts for HP Office Jet 7510 is lower than SAMSUNG C1860FW which is
RM87.00, yet it’s base cost is substantially higher in taken a toll which is
RM1700. Along these lines, the aggregate cost for HP Office Jet 7510 is RM
1787. Taking everything into account, SAMSUNG C1860FW printer gives an
incredible arrangement and offers best value contrasted with HP Office Jet
7510 which is under organization spending point of confinement of
RM1900.Weight for HP Office Jet 7510 is 4kg. In the interim, the SAMSUNG
C1860FW weighs 11.2 kg. In spite of the way that SAMSUNG C1860FW is greater
and heavier contrasted with HP Office Jet 7510, it needs us to set up some other
space by purchasing another table and setting it up beside the workplace
table to help it.
Moreover, another table
would just cost around RM20.00, and when added to the cost of the printer.
For a common printer, the guarantee ought to be up to 2 years. This is on the
grounds that printers are exceptionally delicate. Epson secured 1-year neighbourhood
provider guarantee and it secured by the dealer of the thing and not the
fabricate of the thing. This can make it harder to guarantee on the grounds
that the merchant possibly doesn’t have the extra piece of the printer.
Conversely, Brother secured 3 years nearby producer guarantee and it secured
by the maker of the thing. In the event that anything happens to the printer
inside the 3 years, we can without much of a stretch claim the guarantee from
the maker.


HP Office   
Jet 7510


Cost comparison

Base price

1700 rm

1600 rm

Refill ink

27 rm

23 rm

Print head cleaner (150ml)

60 rm

75 rm


1787 rm

1698 rm



4 kg

11.2 kg



6 monts

1 year

Additional Features

LCD Availability



Maximum paper input capacity



Double- side printing mode



Table 1.1: Features and Specification of Printer
4.0 Recommendation
More or less, we prescribe on purchasing the new
electronic office equipment’s from the brand of Samsung, which meets the
greater part of the measuring stick in light of the examinations done when
contrasted with the brand of HP. Over that, every one of the items from the
brands of HP are much costly contrast with Samsung. Albeit a few highlights
are vastly improved in HP however with regards to plan and determination,
Samsung is reasonable among all. On the off chance that this suggestion gets
your endorsement, for the Graphic and Photoshop team, we will plan
preparatory meeting with Senior Manager and CEO of David Lloyd Photography.