Messy I have a messy workplace, nothingMessy I have a messy workplace, nothing

Messy people are more intelligent than organized people.  They crave for excellence. Disorganized people tend to excel in the verbal range of intelligence quotient test because they come up with unique solutions to problems. They are not tied up to a single way of doing things. For instance, if I have a messy workplace, nothing has a specific place where it is supposed to be so even if   I misplace my cell phone I can look for it everywhere before I confirm that it is actually missing.  Organized people on the other hand, if they cannot find their cell phone in a specific place they are used to keeping it, they will easily give up on looking for it because of a fixed mind. That means tidy people cannot provide services that require a high level of persistence. Messy people are specialists in prioritization. They give priority to more important things.  Disorganized people may be considered lazy, but they never have misplaced priorities problems. That time and energy that neat people spend arranging their desk, workplace or rooms for the disorganized are directed into other important things. They have great knowledge of what it takes to get an opportunity and normally do not allow routine jobs to distract them. Routine jobs like cleaning up a workplace can at times be a form of procrastination and is a total waste of time. Messy people are faster decision makers. They can make informed decisions in stressful situations. Even in dilemma situations, messy people are more likely to step up rather than giving up or asking for a hand. This is because they are always less concerned about unnecessary details about something that hinders organized people when faced with the same problem. These organized people even need organization in order to make decisions or else they fail or make wrong decisions.Disorganized persons get along with many people. They have got a wide range of attachments to people with different personalities and objects. They also see the potential of learning something new in everyone compared to organized people. Besides, they always want to be around people with high level of energy so as to get new experiences and satisfy their curiosity. It is always a good feeling to have the urge of finding out more about something. It is enjoyable being a messy person. A messy desk is a sign of genius. Many people would agree with this statement. Even in a school set up, most bright students are untidy and messy, but still outstanding in academics. Someone is more creative when his or her desk is uncluttered. That means all the tools needed for a particular task are in place.  Messy people being considered as unproductive is a just a notion that should come to an end.On the other side of the coin, neat people have also had their arguments for their clutter-free environment. They claim that being surrounded by clutter or having a messy desk is a burden. It is like dragging heavy chains all day. It is stressful and makes people tired. They say it is easier to work in a clean environment.  They also argue that a when working on a clean desk they save more time and are able to manage many activities and deadlines more efficiently than disorganized people.Messy people have always been more productive than organized people although they have been discredited and instead looked down upon by the society. Its high time people realize that having a messy desk, room, kitchen or workplace does not associate anyone with laziness or carelessness.  The general assumption that success is related to the organization is not usually the case. Being messy is awesome, it offers freedom, and there are no stressful guidelines. I have seen many creative individuals win Nobel prizes and prestigious accolades after toiling an untidy environment to aid their work.