Michael out what he wants to do.Michael out what he wants to do.

Michael Freedman was born April 21, 1951 in Los Angeles, CA. He has been awarded many awards for multiple things. He was awarded the fields medal in 1986, the MacArthur Fellowship award in 1984, and the national medal of science for mathematics and computer science in 1987. These are only a few of the awards that Michael Freedman has been given and he is not even finished yet. In his early childhood Michael Freedman’s mother, Nancy Mars Freedman was an actress and also an artist. His father Benedict Freedman was an engineer and also a musician, writer, and a mathematician. That probably explains where Micael Freedman got his motivation from when it comes to math. Together his mother and father wrote a series of several novels. Michael Freedman was always very exceptional when it came to math. He was still somehow a very creative young man. This caused problems when it was time for him to go away to college and pick a major.When it was time for Michael to pick a major he was stuck between art and mathematics. But he made the decision in the end to study mathematics and it’s a good thing he did. In the long I think that Michael Freedman an artist rather than a mathematician would not work out as well. However, after his first of study in mathematics he decided to do graduate studies at Princeton. After graduating Freedman became a teacher at the University of California. After that he joined the advanced study at Princeton which turned out to be a great learning experience. At this point in his life he is trying out different jobs to figure out what he wants to do. In 1979 he actually became a professor.Freedman was awarded the fields medal for doing something no one else could at the time. He solved the Poincare conjecture in four dimensions and in the math world that is a pretty big deal. Freedman’s results turned out to be way stronger than the original and with some help from a colleague. He found that surprisingly ordinary four space has many exotic differential structures. He was also California scientist of the year in 1984 which was another pretty impressive accomplishment. At one point in time Freedman attended a life-changing seminar at Harvard. In 1997 Freedman actually joined Microsoft to work on quantum computation, solid state physics, and quantum topology. Now he is the director of Microsoft project on quantum physics and quantum computation.In conclusion Michael freedman is an iconic mathematician who has been given many awards and is continuing to still do what he loves while working hard at it. He has had breakthrough’s that have completely changed the way that certain mathematicians view certain problems and equations. Growing up he might not have always knew what he wanted to do but in the end, he obviously made the right decision when it came to his profession. Without some of his contributions to the mathematics community the world would probably be very different than it is now.