Mobile questions that will pop up intoMobile questions that will pop up into

data is used by the students in order for them to communicate to others in a
short period of time and also for them to adhere to the various school works
and assignments given by their respective teachers. This study aims at making
an elaboration on how mobile data can be turned into the solution to mass
failure in school. What is mobile data? When did mobile data unleashed? What
are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile data to the students? What can
be the impacts in mobile data usage in students? These are the main questions
that will pop up into our minds when it comes to mobile data, let’s figure
these out.



     According to Blog Opera (2014), mobile
data is one way that mobile phone users especially students can connect to
wireless internet. Depending on how much time would they spent in using the
internet and where they would use it, having a data-enabled device will give
them an efficient and sure-enough information they need.

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     According to Perosi (2013), mobile data or
internet was first started around 1997. At the time the Nokia 9000 Communicator
smartphone was perhaps the only
reasonably useful device to access the internet through a LCD display. In 2001,
Ericsson created the T68 smartphone with the first color display and simple web
browser.Then in 2005, the evolution of the smartphone and the palmtop computer
came together with the HTC Universal smartphone with 3G and the Windows Mobile
operating system. The evolution of the smartphones is really what made mobile
internet access a reality. All the “smart toys” before 2005 were too
expensive for the average user, clunky, and if you owned one you were either a
high paid executive or a technology geek.


     Accoding to Stringfellow (2017), that the advantage of mobile data
is that you can access to the internet without using wi-fi via wireless router.
In mobile data you can use it anywhere as long as there is a signal in your
smart phone. The main benefit of using mobile data is so you can access to your
content and the internet. The disadvantage of mobile data is that it depends
heavily on which mobile carrier you prefer. For example, your device displays
an icon which shows your internet connection strength like 3g, 4g, and 4g LTE.
The 3g is considered as the slowest and the 4g LTE as the fastest.



to Buzz2Fone (2013), mobile data is used by students but it depends on how they
use it, here are some advantages and disadvantages that the students may
encounter. In terms of information they need to their assignments and
activities, they can conveniently connect to the internet with the use of their
mobile devices. Now, using the internet is hassle free. Saving of files and
documents that they needed from the internet can be easily downloaded where
ever they are. Not all times that mobile data is advantageous to students;
there are also disadvantages. The internet connection on mobile phones is not
too fast and problem arises sometimes. The problem arises in time of
downloading because some files needs a fast connection and takes a long period
of time to be downloaded, and if the connection is too weak they may not
download the file at all. And the biggest problem is that the user must have extra
money for reloading the internet when they used it beyond of its maximum time.



     According to
the Opera News Blogs (2014) that this way the students can easily get the
information they needed and faster than reading books. Mobile data also improves
the researching skills of students. This helps them access to the internet
easily if they don’t have any wireless internet. Therefore mobile data is way faster
and easily to use than wireless internet or reading books in the library. Not
all students have wireless internet in their homes or in school but they have
mobile phones and with mobile data it will help the students a lot and they can
have more extra time with their selves.

researchers want to determine the impacts of using mobile data on the student
using it during class hours, especially those students of Grade 11 STEM
Maritime from the University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue campus. The
researcher want to conduct this study since innovation is fast boosting and
changing our living it is a part of us people to learn on the effects of these
innovations and learn more about it. The main purpose of this study is to know
the impacts of using mobile data during class hours to the academic performance
of the students. Thus, this study is pursued.