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Money is important for every lives on earth. From birth till die, money is involved in every stages in life. Don’t you think so ? Most people concerned about their financial a lot and some need expert to help them in taking care of their money or suggesting them how to make best use out of it. From time to time, financial service industry become more and more popular.Financial industry can be explained with the word “vital intermediary”, as in the world of economy, it plays as a middle man who moves money from people who has excess of funds to people with the needs of funds. Then, they get the commission from those people. There are many types business in this industry such as banking, investing, lending, insurance, securities trading, and securities issuance. And everyone is the clients in this industry as individuals, businesses, agencies of government and nonprofit organizations.To talk about the businesses which are in financial industry in Thailand. There are many large bank in Thailand such as Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn, SCB, and so on. From time to time as the business grow, all these banks have expand their business by having more products, from first started with only banking things like saving and giving load. They now expand more to do about the investing things as securities trading and asset management company where they sell the mutual funds.To know deeper about Asset Management, it is a systematic process to effectively develop and maintain cost of asset. Moreover this word is commonly used in financial sector to describe third person who manage and invest on behalf of others. An Asset Management company, they gathered money from clients and then invest into securities which match clients’ financial objectives. Asset management companies, they provide more diversification of investment options for clients than they can do by themselves. AMCs mainly manage mutual funds, pension plans,etc. Their income come from the charging of service fee and commission from their clients.Everyone knows Kasikorn Bank is a major banking group and also the the first Thai commercial bank that operate with a complete financial solution in Thailand. As the company has become larger and they want to expand more market but still want to get in touch with customers and make each service to become more efficient so they  spread out the company to work more focus on each line of business; in the present time they have 6 companies which are Kbank, KAsset(Asset management company), Kresearch(Research Center), Ksecurities(securities trading company), Kleasing(Leasing company), and KBTG(Technology company). As you can see that all companies start the name with K to represent ‘Kasikorn’. To focus more on KAsset company where I start my internship. KAsset is an asset management company that is prompt in the area of service, research and investment management. In 2017, Kasset got the awards for the best Asset Management company from SET Award and Morningstars. They have 3 main funds (product); Mutual Fund, Private Fund and Provident Fund. Moreover their mutual fund(LTF/ RMF) is ranked in the 1st place in the market. There are many reasons which make KAsset become one of the leading company as they have seen the opportunity and trend in developing their business. From the research from Association of Investment Management Companies, the number of money flew in mutual fund in the industry in December,2000 was 367,989MB to compare with the number on December, 2017 was 5,035,744MB. The number can also show that people become more interested in investing their money. And also from years of experience in the industry, KAsset starts to change and adapt their business from offline to online. In the past, people will buy mutual funds through the counter at the bank but now they can buy it by themselves through the applicationso that it is easier for customers to buy the products. From the development through digital things, here is where my job begins, I work in Marketing and Communication Department. Main responsibilities of this department are to promote products (mutual fund,application,etc.), do the campaign and also advertisement the products to customers but it’s not only that we also have to think about how to reach to the customers and also the on ground jobs as booths, and event, etc. to promote the products as much as we can. For example, as now that KAsset just launched the new application called ‘K-My Fund’ which is mainly focused on trading fund and for customers to get in touch with their port more. So, my role is to think about how to reach to the old customers who already invest with KAsset and to make them come back and buy more through the application. It’s like we have to convert untouchable thing into touchable thing for customers to understand and know more about the product.