Most first thoughts and questions that poppedMost first thoughts and questions that popped

Most people would’ve chose a piece of art that was drawn, sketched, painted, or pieced together(collage). I decided to choose a piece of art that is three-dimensional and possible to interact with. I have not been to that many art galleries or museums, and this experience was quite different. When I arrived at this art piece it didn’t look special, it was basically a pink box in the middle of a red room. Once we were instructed to walk up the red stairs and enter the box, I was quite confused, but I did as I was instructed. After I stepped into the “entrance” of the art piece, I felt like I was in a different world. The shade of pink slowly faded into a clear white. I am not sure if it was the color, but I felt very light headed. It somehow controlled the way I was feeling and thinking. I just stared at the back of the room, which was a squircle, and slowly started daydreaming. I was losing the strength in my body, and my eyes started to feel very heavy. The instructor told us to go to the walls and put our bodies against it(not entirely, just close enough, but not touch). As I get to the wall and my heels slightly raise, the shade of the room turns a lighter shade of blue, and this time I feel as the room is rotating. After all the demonstrations and instructions were finished we were allowed to stay in the room and roam around. This is when I really started thinking. Since we weren’t allowed to sit or directly touch the walls, I stood there in the middle of the room, and blankly stared into space. I remember having three main thoughts during this short period. The first thoughts and questions that popped into my mind were about how this illusion was created. I was fascinated at how somebody would be able to come up with such an abstract idea. I also wondered how he realized how the colors and lights could play with human emotion so well, and why the shape of the room was a squircle. Why not a square or a circle, why did it have to be a shape that was a mix between the two? The second thoughts were about how small I felt in the room. I was just a mere human out of 20 people in the room, one of billions in this world, and a mere existence in the vast universe. And then I thought how lucky I was to be existing, and to be given a chance to live. My final thought were a series of burning questions that I still have yet to solve. What was the purpose of this art? Why did James Turrell decide to create this? What was his inspiration to create something like this? How long would it have taken to develop this artwork? And how can such simple elements make me come up with such philosophical thoughts? I was snapped out of my trance when my mom called to me. I automatically turned around to the sound of her voice, and ended up looking at the small square entrance that we came in through. It looked very different from the inside, for the outline of the square was emphasized and the color itself changed from the blood red to white. My eyes adjusted as I stepped through the square and out of the room. I descended down the steps, still a little dizzy, and followed the crowd out of the artwork.How this Artwork Will Influence Me and My Art: This artwork really influenced the way I perceived art. I merely thought that art had to be a painting, drawing, or photo, but this piece really opened my eyes to the diverse spectrum of art. I am sure that this artwork influenced the way I think about space, light, and color. Looking at this artwork, I realized the importance of these three elements and how essential they are to enhancing the impact of art. I may have made an attempt to show space and color in my previous ‘Room in My Heart’ project. I used space to show the emptiness that I feel, which I hope to fill in the future. And the skin of bright colors represent the positive emotions that I express on the outside. I have not been able to use light in my artwork yet, and I hope to be able to present these elements more in my future art project.