Most my initiation to the construction disciplineMost my initiation to the construction discipline

Most of the fields of sciences and management are interwoven in order to achieve the pre-eminent possible results in the most augmented manner. I realize how management andengineering need to work in sync to reach their reciprocal objectives by conveying in the bestpossible manner. The flourishing Construction industry nowadays focuses on the concept oflean and kaizen. In order to improve the project cycle time, reduce unnecessary waste andalso maximize the efficiencies to save money and precious resources, implementing thisconcept is of utmost importance. The scope of opportunities and innovations available in theConstruction Industry propelled my enthusiasm and persuaded me to opt for the Master'sprogram in Construction Engineering and Management so that I can contribute to the fieldwith my research. I owe my initiation to the construction discipline to my father who is aconstruction conglomerate. My endeavor after my masters would be to join the company andfurther grow it in the infrastructure space. I wish to pursue Masters in ConstructionEngineering and Management so that I can push the family business to the next level byincorporating my knowledge to the latest trends and modern techniques.The first logical step in fulfilling my goal is to amalgamate my knowledge of the principlesof management as a competitive advantage in the complex world of technology-drivenindustries and businesses.The powerful tools like Critical Path Method (CPM), Net PresentValue (NPV), Earned Value Management (EVM), Payback Period considering time value ofmoney, have always motivated me to be a technically equipped construction manager. Theslow accumulation of theories and observance of practical applications stemmed in me thedesire to pursue civil engineering.While pursuing Diploma in Civil Engineering from CusrowWadia Institute of Technology,the major advantages of effective project management for the execution of constructionprojects were highlighted. In the final year of Diploma, I received in-depth knowledge byundertaking a project that dealt with Geopolymer based Fiber Reinforced Concrete. In thisproject, we designed an innovative concrete mix and results were interpolated for anoptimized concrete mix yielding higher strength. Cost management and its optimization wasalso a major part of the project which was achieved as the designed concrete mix was a low-cost concrete. Thus, charged with the need to get thorough technical knowledge I pursued abachelor’s degree.During my Undergraduate in Civil Engineering from MIT, College of Engineering,Savitribai Phule Pune University, I was primarily interested in subjects related toconstruction management such as Project Management, Total Quality Management andBuilding Technology and Material. Topics like Six Sigma, PDCA cycle, BIM and riskmanagement which exposed me to the latest technologies and management methods relatedto construction were especially interesting. Working on a seminar titled, “Life Cycle CostAnalysis of Delhi metro” gave me insights and knowledge of lifecycle cost of the project andreport writing of economic feasibility studies. My final year research project on “Emergingtrends in Sustainable Project Management by Innovative Integrated Building Design”,focusses mainly on the analysis of buildings to check their conformation with IGBC normsAishwarya Kodnikar Masters in Civil Engineering, Construction ManagementFall 2018 Northeastern Universityas well as their ECBC compliance and further, conducting the cost-benefit analysis. Theresearch mainly highlights the importance of sustainable and cost-effective buildings. In thison-going project, I plan to design an environment-friendly commercial building which has aless carbon footprint and has minimal impact on the surrounding. The concepts of lean andkaizen are going to be considered as notable part of the project. The life cycle cost of thedesigned structure will also be analyzed.Along with my undergraduate studies, I also did an internship with Nikhil Constructionsunder the project “Smart City Aundh”. Here, I carried out ABC analyses, prepared bar chartsand supervised various activities. During the visits to the construction site, on an observeddelay in the construction activity, our team assisted them to accelerate and meet the target intime by giving prompt inputs. This initiative taken by me, gave me a hands-on experience incoordination of a project. During the undergraduate course, I decided to explore further andcompleted an Online certification course in “Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control”authorized by Columbia University, wherein it covered topics like quantity takeoff, costestimate and various techniques in cost control and cash flow. During the publication of myresearch paper on “An Innovative and Unconventional Modified Use of Geopolymer BasedFibre Reinforced Concrete” I have amassed valuable experience in interacting with thefaculty members and enhanced my presentation skills through technical discussions.To enable me to draft buildings according to its design specifications and material and tofulfill the prerequisites for the course I have learned software like AutoCAD (certified byAutodesk), Revit Architecture and also completed a 2-day workshop on Primavera. I am anactive member of an NGO named “Leo club’s Nature Lovers” and also volunteered for theInternational Duathlon and Triathlon organized by the Indian Institute of Fitness andWellness. My keen participation in National Conferences “InSight 2016” and “InSight 2017″and extracurricular activities has helped me improve my overall personality. The activitieslike organizing a college trek or winning an interdepartmental Dance competition andfootball match helped me to inculcate the qualities of teamwork and time management.I have dedicated my six important years to the field and my former studies have helped me toopt for a Master’s course at the prestigious University will surely refine my knowledge forpursuing my further goals. Moreover, I feel I am the right candidate for this course as I havestrong technical and managerial skills along with leadership qualities that would help mebecome a successful entrepreneur in the world of construction. Your University where asound system for construction engineering and management has been built long before willhelp me to equip myself with the skills necessary to a successful career path. With thequantum advancements coupled with my experience in construction industry, I want toutilize sustainable practices for better of the society. The research areas of Prof. Ali Touranat the Northeastern University aligns with my interests and working with him will addinvaluable value to my theoretical skills. Furthermore, the Civil Infrastructure SecurityCenter at the University will provide excellent facilities and will be particularly beneficial. Ilook forward to a long and fruitful association with your University that will help me realizemy true career goals and overcome all the challenges that may come on my destined path. Irequest the admissions committee to grant the privilege.