Most to hereditary factors, but even menMost to hereditary factors, but even men

Most women are suffering from stretch marks which are mostly
due to skin changing shapes rapidly due to growth or weight gain, weight loss or
usually after pregnancy or sometimes due to hereditary factors, but even men
too have stretch marks. These marks aren’t a sign of anything wrong with your health. For women mostly, pregnancy and puberty are
the time when one gets stretch marks.

For most people stretch marks are kind of unpleasant and
very unsightly, as sometimes it ruins the entire look if one wants to wear an outfit that will show these
undesirable marks. These marks are usually seen on the abdomen, upper
arms, and thighs. Our skin consists of multiple
layers and stretch marks occur either due
to the skin’s collagen becoming weak or to accommodate when one gains weight or
is pregnant, causing the formation of
fine lines beneath the topmost layer of the skin.

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It is pretty difficult to get rid of stretch mark completely
through natural remedies but few home
remedies surely lighten the marks
eventually, but one needs to continue with a regular skin care programme. Nowadays
with the advancement of technology, and cosmetic treatments as well as few other remedies can
help to minimize the appearance of
stretch marks and help them to fade more quickly.


Here are a few effective remedies that one can avail to
reduce stretch marks –


1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is such an effective plant that helps to regenerate
skin tissues and consists of some miraculous healing properties. Its fresh gel helps
to reduce the
stretch marks if used regularly.

2. Prescribed medicated ointments and oil:

In the rapid pace the medical
field is advancing, it has not left any stone unturned. Hence, varieties of
options are available in the market to get rid of stretch marks. Different creams,
oil, and ointments are available which
can be used from the very inception of pregnancy, or a weight-building program
or a growth spurt, which is essential for keeping the skin hydrated and
moisturized all the time. It helps in reducing inflammation and helps in remodeling the elastin
and collagen in the skin and improves its appearance effectively.

3. Exercise:

Exercise is something
which has always proved to be very effective. When one loses weight or gains
due to various factors a balanced exercise program helps, as the human body has multiple layers of muscles where
if the masses are gained suitably with proper
breathing exercises and meditation, gradually it will help balance hormone
levels, the body mass index, the stress hormone, and effectively will work on reducing these scars.

4. Proper Diet:

Even though we cannot say there is any magical food that can
help reduce or prevent stretch marks but few home remedies which are usually
recommended are-

Drink minimum six to eight glasses water every day to flush out toxins from the body and keeps the skin hydrated.

Avoid non-carbonated
water as it only causes harm the system.

Add fresh fruits and vegetables
to your diet which will help to boost your metabolism and keep your skin fresh.

Avoid sugar and
preservative added vegetable and fruit juice.

Consume leafy greens
vegetables, lean proteins and omega 3 and 6 oils to bring a fresh glow to your


5. Moisturize your skin:

Try to keep the entire body moisturized all the time, but
try using moisturizers that are chemical-free,
but consists of alpha hydroxy and vitamin


6. Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments help
in stimulating the body’s wound healing response, produces new collagen by
replacing the damaged marked skin with new epidermal fresh skin. There are
other clinical treatments for stretch marks like microdermabrasion that
exfoliates, needling is the new kind of treatment, which is injected underneath
the top layer of your skin, to reduce stretch marks and is also effective.

There is a number of methods to get rid of stretch
marks, and the list can go on and on. One need not worry anymore related to these
unwanted marks. With the above-mentioned remedies, one can prevent and
reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If these measures are considered it
will give effective results and with the passage of time one will be able to
notice drastic changes with unsightly lines lightening and becoming less
visible. Some methods can be a costly affair but other than home remedies one
needs to approach a dermatologist who can better guide with detail procedures
regarding this.