Motivation importance in one’s professional career andMotivation importance in one’s professional career and

                         Motivation Statement


Career development needs
plausible decisions in life which lead to success in one’s endeavors. These cogent
decisions are based on multi-dimensional factors ranging from heed interests,
gratification to knowledge and skills in hand. My choice of career has emerged
from keen observations and proper planning. I have always kept myself
optimistic and showed up to best of my capabilities. I believe that my positive
attitude, confidence and my innate potential will show up to success in my

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An unceasing longing to
learn and explore ties of the growing technological World, and the determination
for becoming a researcher and show my best to its development fastened me to study
Engineering. Mechanical Engineering has been my long term passion with
unceasing persistence and allegiance. I completed Bachelor of Science in
Mechanical Engineering from “Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering
Sciences & Technology, Pakistan” in 2017. The Bachelor’s degree required me
to complete a total of 136 credit hours out of which 113 as taught courses, 17
as Labs and 6 credit hours of Final Year Research Project. Kick-starting my
undergrad was an incredible experience of my life and my discernment for essence
of Mechanical Engineering heightened. My ardour for understand and researching
them in greater detail upraised further. My undergraduate study of Mechanical
Engineering has built my taut bedrock of the basic principles of Mechanical Engineering
and the courses have provided notable basics for my advanced study in this very
field. Engineering Design, the tool for solving all complex Engineering problems
is one of my most interested courses in Mechanical Engineering. The process of how
an idea becomes reality is what Mechanical Engineers call Engineering Design.
Starting with meeting data collection requirements then creating a conceptual
idea and design and proceeding to creating the detailed design, all processes
require some thought and analysis. In short, any complicated problem is
resolved with Engineering Design concepts. I feel that studying at an international
educational institute and living in such an environment with people having
similar goals and aspiration is an enthralling experience in one’s academic life.
It is of considerable importance in one’s professional career and I want to be
a part of it because it will utilize my talent and capabilities optimally. I
feel that graduate study at XYZ University will take my education to new
juncture because of the versatility assimilated in its learning system and exposure
to the latest and advanced technology.

My goals is to pursue a
master degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering and strive for excellence
in that field thus contributing to the society. I wish to be considered for
possible financial assistance from your Department thus making me feel that I
am not dependent on others for my higher studies at the university. Thank you
very much for your valuable time spent in evaluating my application and look
forward to an enriching relationship with your university.