Motivation several ways and strategies in orderMotivation several ways and strategies in order

Motivation refers to “the reasons underlying behavior” (Guay et al., 2010, p. 712). ParaphrasingGredler, Broussard and Garrison (2004) broadly define motivation as “the attribute that moves usto do or not to do something” (p. 106). Intrinsic motivation is motivation that is animated bypersonal enjoyment, interest, or pleasure. As Deci et al. (1999) observe, “intrinsic motivationenergizes and sustains activities through the spontaneous satisfactions inherent in effectivevolitional action. Motivation involves a constellation of beliefs, perceptions, values, interests,and actions that are all closely related. As a result, various approaches to motivation can focus oncognitive behaviors (such as monitoring and strategy use), non-cognitive aspects (such asperceptions, beliefs, and attitudes), or both.Recently, many organizations are established and the numbers of competitors is increasing.However, at the end each organization specialized with her level of efficiency and productivity.Employees can increase the productivity of an organization if they are motivated rightly ,motivated employees will try to create ideas to motivated customers as well .Motivation is thekey success of any company , companies with motivated employees will last for a long time ,and companies with motivated customers will have the long lasted loyal customers . the mainresource of any company is people in order to have value in the market you need to motivatedpeople and I think nowadays most companies they know that they should focus on people , AsMacdonald’s they have several ways and strategies in order to motivate their employees in SaudiArabia they value their employees, their growth and contributions. Therefore, all of theiremployees are well trained and appreciated for the work they do. Also they offer motivatingcareer incentive programs, engaging internal events such as Stars of McDonald’s and alwaysprocure a fun environment with a friendly team.In MacDonald’s they have a motivation and recognition Schemes which includes :-Service awards , recognizing employees’ service at five-year intervals.-Restaurant of the quarter .-Restaurant of the year.-President’s Award : global scheme for support staff.-Ray Kroc Award: for business managers.-Champion of the month, ultimately feeding into employee of the year scheme.-Restaurant bonus schemes :one for all employees and one for managers , based on restaurantperformance91.2 Background Of The Research :In this Thesis we will discuss about motivaton and how does it affect among the employees indiffrent sectors either private or public , motivation is wiedly known as it is positive and it leadsto a higher quality of human resources and optimun performance .Consensus is also growingamong managers about the significance of combining good human resource performanceapproaches on motivation incentives to encourage good performance .The study makes a critical analysis of motivation and workers performance in Macdonald’s atSaudi arabia and identifies several motivation incentives that can help boost betterperformance .Also in this study we will discuss the problems that can affect employees performance and howto recover that under Macdonald’s management .HypothesisH0: Motivation has no affect on employees preformance .H1 : Motivation has a big affect on employees preformance.1.3 Prblem Statement 😕 Need to develop the education system in saudi arabia , provide train staff, and refine theirskills that they need in the future, rather than just learning to memorize a set of rules asoften happens at the moment? In Saudi motivation is not taking place specially in the private sector like MacDonald’s.? MacDonald are not interested in motivating rather than get the results without any efforts.? To what extent can the different types of employee motivation influence the performanceof employees in Saudi Arabia workplace exactly Macdonald’s?.? Motivation could be given for only a certain people which can affect the others in anegative way? Ways of motivation could take an opposite way of misunderstanding between theemployees under Saudi Arabia rules and recommendations .? Some Companies in the private sectors specially MacDonald’s they don’t stick to theirword or commitment to their own employees the thing that can affect the productivity ofthe company.? In stressful time managers forget to motivate the employees .? Results that might be faced by MacDonald’s with de-motivated employees.? If MacDonald’s starts to be a non- profit organization what could be the motivationtechniques that should be used .10? Reward and recognition programs: their influence on employees’ performance in SaudiArabia .? Strategies of employee motivation that don’t include money rewards that MacDonald’suse .1.4 Research Objectives 😕 Study how motivation impact on individuals and groups inside MacDonald’s.? To understand the role and importance of motivation among employees who works undera Saudi management Of MacDonald’s .? Determine the challenges that you face while motivating different employees in the workplace , different nationalities, different religion, different age , different position ,different languages specially in Saudi Arabia .? To understand what is the difference between group performance and individualperformance after motivation.? Methods of keeping employees motivated in stressful times that MacDonald’s use .? Strategies of employee motivation that don’t include money rewards in the perception ofMacdonald’s management and human resource Management .1.5 Research Questions:? What is motivation and how is it different forms related?? What is the importance of employee performance and how can it be measured?? How do the different forms of motivation influence employee performance?? What are the forms of motivation ?? What can motivate employees the most and how ?? What motivation measures are currently in place and to what extend do they motivate thestaff ?? How to motivate employees in a stressful time ?? What are the strategies of employee motivation that don’t include money rewards ?? What could be the results that might be faced by the organization with de-motivatedemployees ?? Individual approach in employee motivation: is it worthwhile?? Comparison between public and private companies: whose employees are motivatedbetter?? Motivational techniques for non-profit organizations.111.6 Significance /Implication of the Research :The main rationale of this study is to give the light on motivation and how it is important forindividuals and groups working in Saudi Arabia we will discuss what can motivation changeamong the employees that work in MacDonald’s under the rules and recommendation of SaudiArabia , how can motivation be a tool for good productivity and performance of employees if itis maintained properly , what are the techniques that MacDonald’s used in order to motivate theiremployees to achieve a better performance , also how MacDonald’s can differentiate betweenindividuals and group motivation , the challenges that MacDonald’s may face while trying tomotivate people , also how MacDonald’s face demotivated employees and the methods used tokeep them motivated without motivation employees will refuse to work and in order the target ofthe main company cannot be reached ,In order to achieve a better performance you need to motivate your employees .This study will be a significant endeavor in promoting good work environment in the workplaceand motivations of its employees. This study will also be beneficial to thestudents and instructors in strategic management, corporate strategies when they employeffective learning in their classroom setting particularly in different concepts related to the use ofeffective human resources management.This study will help the organizations to more focus on motivation their employees rather thanwaiting for the work to be done without any effort1.7 Scope of the Research :In general, the focus of this study is directed towards the motivation of individuals and groupsworking at MacDonald’s in Saudi Arabia at the present era 2017, how MacDonald’s try tomotivate individuals and groups from different background different languages ,religion,mentality ,age ,race. In Saudi Arabia females are not taking place in food chain culture speciallyfast food restaurant , so in this study it will be focused mainly for males , as in Saudi Arabia theydon’t allow for females to work in fast food restaurants . also in this study it take insight to whatmotivation strategy could be implemented in order to achieve a better workers performance atMacDonald’s .1.8 Organization of the Research :This research is mainly converge about Macdonald’s as it known for fast food chain , it alsoknown for its diversity in their staff , Macdonald’s has branches all over the world its known byits burgers the most and also it has the variety of drinks sandwiches burgers and ice-cream aswell and also a variety of sauces the thing that make it special for other fast food companies