Motivational find out alternative in present wasteMotivational find out alternative in present waste

Motivational Letter


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vicinity from which I hail is entitled with backward, where literacy rate is
very low as compared to the other parts of the country. In my childhood no one
support for study then I work hard and fulfill my all requirements related my
study and work hard and I got a chance to be counted as educated.

This is KAMLESH,
currently working with Private company in PPHI Karachi, a most celebrated Semi-Government
sector in Pakistan. when I was in final year of undergraduate studies in BE Environmental
engineering and management. I have always eagerness to learn new things, to
work on innovative ideas, besides this I had passed my childhood in dark nights
and thirsty days without electricity and contaminated, turbid water in the
village thus had stronger motivation to be as a Environmental engineer, working
on to meet the requirement of energy in Pakistan and purify water by using
energy and water related resources in Pakistan.


Our living environment
has an abundance of energies in the forms of light, thermal, mechanical (such
as vibration, sonic wave, wind and hydraulic) magnetic, chemical and
biological. Harvesting these types of energies is of critical importance for
long term energy needs and sustainable development of the world. Innovative
approaches have to be developed a unit operation design and fabrication of
wastewater treatment with different techniques with different material, I have
a case study to upgrade performance of nutrients removal with the help of algae
from wastewater , which is available in rare amount in rural area of Pakistan
so we can be utilizes over water resources in effectively and complimentarily
whenever and wherever one or all of them are available for future potential
application of water.

Under graduation I have
great motivation to find out alternative in present waste reduction Process and
Plant Design. It was a first unbending research assignment for me to creatively
contribute in Lakhra power house & Environmental management company
Karachi, utilize a excess amount of waste disposal from those plants &
reduce the pollution from  atmosphere. I
chose my undergraduate dissertation on wastewater treatment from waste organic
material & research on the technical problems which might comes in
different Processes units in designing. Economic and knowledge economy crisis, waste
water culture of Industrial and scientific development, increasingly
fundamentalism and peaceful plural existences put question marks on future of
rational and scientific voices in Pakistan. Ever since under graduation I always
had thought of promoting Science at grassroots level in Pakistan therefore it
had always remained my objective to be a Environmental Engineering students
coming from diverse culture and environment of country.

In future, I intend to
see myself as a Environmental Inspector, committed to sustainable development
and have to have a positive, deep and lasting impact on people, society through
my professionalism and spirit of service. I wish to play my role regionally,
globally to uplift scientific developments in our environment and
upgrade/modern equipment used in Environment sector.

There are primarily two reasons to apply.

I want to pursue my graduate studies in Jamshoro because there is more advanced
in innovation and Technology, it should be a great pleasure for me to seek a opportunity
to study a high quality research on developments in water and wastewater plant
design to serve future of Science and engineering. My successful graduation in
desired program will effect directly and positively on my objectives.

In conclusion, I want to do other course like Health safety and Environment; it
should be helpful for me to improve my skills related to Safety, now a day it
is necessary for every Industries like refinery, polymer, textile, etc. As due
to poverty I can’t afford the fees of this course and even it is hard for me to
collect semester fees. First it is quite possible because my father supported
me, so I need help of financial supports to certify from this program because surely
it will be good skill for me to get a good job so I want Scholarship for that
course which will be beneficial for me. So please take a positive response for
me as I may continue my graduation I shall be ever thankful to you.