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Multiple and shifting perspectives used by Virginia Woolf to narrate the story is a unique way of how she builds up each character’s personality throughout the novel and how each characters intertwine with each other’s lives. The stream of consciousness shifts from one character to another therefore the point of view in Mrs. Dalloway allowing readers to access the thoughts and memories of Clarissa, Septimus, Rezia, Peter, Richard, Elizabeth, and other characters in the book. Some characters mirror each other such as Rezia and Peter. Her thoughts are echoing Peter’s thoughts on marriage and love. Rezia contemplates on the choices she made marrying Septimus, a shy and sensitive English gentleman but her dreams were shattered due to his insanity after the war. She longs for her husbands’ love, she does not want to act like a nurse but rather feel like a wife to him: “Horror! horror! she wanted to cry. (She had left her people; they had warned her what would happen.)” (Woolf 84) Septimus’ mental disability causes her to be socially and physically isolated from the rest of the world because her life became all about her husband’s sickness. In addition, it is difficult for them to find a doctor who can actually help her husband.  When the point of view shifts to Peter: “For why go back like this to the past? he thought. Why make him think of it again? Why make him suffer, when she had tortured him so infernally? Why? ( Woolf 59)” it shows that he is stuck in the past and a part of him still suffers from the rejection of Clarissa. He constantly brings himself to the past in order to make sense of what had happened and tries to put the pieces together and solve what has happened to their relationship. Peter seems to struggle with his present relationships. He fell in love with a married Indian woman who has two small children and who happens to be married to the Major in the Indian Army. In another part of the story, it shifts to Lady Bruton’s perspective who is having lunch with Richard Dalloway and Hugh Whitbread and heard the news about Peter’s affairs. Peter, Richard, Lady Bruton and Hugh knew each other a while back and despite being lost in touch they seem to find a way into each other’s lives. It is evident how the characters intertwine in each other’s lives making each point of view interconnected and that is what Virginia Woolf is trying to achieve. Through the multiple and shifting perspective, the characters are not only seen but heard by its readers.