Music elicit different emotional responses” (Rowley 1).Music elicit different emotional responses” (Rowley 1).

          Music is an amazing thing. People use it as entertainment and as a fun way to get through life. What a lot of people don’t know is that music can actually help bodily functions and feeling, most are good but some can be bad. For instance music can make you smarter, but it could also cause muscle/brain damage to your body due to sudden sounds. Music is not just used for entertainment, it can help and harm you in many other ways.           There are many benefits to listening to music. For instance, music can make you smarter. According to an article the author states, ” … how humans memorize tunes and lyrics or how different types of melodies and rhythms can elicit different emotional responses” (Rowley 1). Memorizing or listening to music has an impact on brain activity. The article also states,  ” … that ambient noise, played at a moderate volume, can encourage creativity, and that listening to music can help repair brain damage… music learning can encourage the development of stronger vocabularies and a better handle on nonverbal reasoning,” (Rowley 1). Music can also be a way of therapy or ways treating different syndrome in the brain/body.           Music can also have excellent medicinal effects on a person. An article on the effects states, ” Plato suggested using music to treat anxiety, Dawn Kent wrote in a 2006 thesis for Harvard University… Physiologically, music has a distinct effect on many biological processes,” (Rowley). Music can decrease epilepsy and calm down nerves/stress in someone’s body. Stress can lead to many issues in the body and if music is a way to calm you down, your body can benefit from that.            Music can also motivate you, If you don’t like working out, or you feel like you can’t do/finish something music can give you that extra push you need. In the article titled ” 7 Ways Music Affects the Body: Here’s How Science Says Sound Moves Us,” the author states, ” …found cyclists who peddled along to music used 7% less oxygen than those who didn’t couple their ride with music to match their pace. According to the study, which was published in the Scientific American, a song’s beats per minute (bpm) has an effect on motivation,” (Rowley). Different big name brands, like Nike and Spotify, came to similar idea about listening to music. Spotify made an app called Spotify Running that, ” …adding tech to its platform that tracks a runner’s pace and curating a playlist of songs that match that pace.” (Rowley 1). Many big companies are obtaining that information and try workways of music a health with their products.            Music can also have negative effects on a human. For instance, the music you listen to can possibly determine your morals of ” the balance of their(someone’s) soul”. In an article about the negative effects music can have the author states, ” Aristotle evidently agreed saying, “If one listens to the wrong kind of music he will become the wrong kind of person; but conversely, if he listens to the right kind of music he will tend to become the right kind of person,” (Taylor 1). This is a possible effect music can have, it’s not 100% all of the time, but there is a possibility of it happening to someone.            Certain types of music can also have detrimental effects on the brain and body of someone, different sounds and vibrations can give shocks to certain rhythmic muscles. An article on the negative effects states, ” On account of their automatic muscular reaction, many people make some movement when hearing music; for them to remain motionless would require conscious muscular restraint…. artificial neurosis can ensue from consistent exposure to deleterious music, which can influence the autonomic nervous system and dysregulated some of the body’s rhythms,” (Taylor 1). Music can “mess” up your brain if certain rhythms aren’t “correct”, and can lead to harmful damages.           Looking at all these facts about music proves how amazing music can be. It can help you become smarter, have good medical effects, and it helps motivate you. The good from music outweighs the bad, and those bad situations are rare. Looking at these facts prove how music is so essential for everyday life and how music can change ones life forever.