My British Columbia, Brinn Powell, Xinya Wang

My passion for a
career in science developed since I was a child and has grown stronger by the
day. As a child, I constantly sought to perform scientific experiments with
tools and materials I came across whiles growing up in the remote part of
Ghana. Then when I first had the opportunity to watch television, my only
interest was watching shows that had forensic and laboratory settings engulfed
in them. It was by no coincidence that CSI Las Vegas was my favorite show due
to how laboratory technicians analyzed evidence to solve crimes. All forms of
science generally amuse me, but laboratory science projects were of peculiar
interest to me. It was this continued desire for hands-on science that brought
me to Kumasi Polytechnic. Being
admitted into the three years Science and Industrial Laboratory Technology
programme was
great joy to me because I knew I was doing something that is not just great but
also fulfilling. The notion of participating in projects at the
Microbiology, Chemistry and Biochemical lab at that statue of detail was an opportunity in a

 I always remind myself of the famous phrase
“great effort leads to great rewards,” and sure enough, soon my
aspirations began to be met At the end of the three years HND
programme, I became more interested and passionate in the health sector after
my internships at Catholic Hospital at Asankrangwa, St Peter’s catholic
Hospital Jacobu and Trade Winds Chemist Limited in Kumasi. During the internships,
I discovered how Doctors identify diseases and disoders
in patients and how drugs are being manufactured and
controlling it’ quality. At this juncture, I know that laboratory technicians
are the backbone of diagnoses and treatment. But to become a master in this
field, I need to pursue medical laboratory programme to achieve my goal.

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Reading from Lily Takeuchi
a medical laboratory alumni from The University of British Columbia, Brinn Powell,
Xinya Wang about how
they were challenged to learn
many new laboratory skills, acquire knowledge in a wide variety of different
subjects, write lab reports, and improve their presentation skills, I
said to myself, “wow, I can also accomplish these skills when given the

 I choose to
apply to University of British Columbia after listening to Jessie Wang from the medical laboratory science class of 2015, how professors went beyond the textbook to
incorporate clinical relevant skills into the curriculum and the
directions she got from Dr.

David Huntsman during her research.  This made me convinced without a doubt that
UBC is the perfect institution for me to accomplish educational goals.

I cannot express my
amazement about the campus after taking a virtual tour of the Vancouver campus (via
YouTube). The UBC Welcome Centre,
the TRIUMF, UBC Library, CIRS,
The Beaty Biodiversity
Museum, UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research.

 The campus serenity and amenities are
second to none and would provide perfect settings for higher academic

 I have always dreamt of
science and I believe with strong conviction
that the University of British Columbia it the perfect place to achieve my academic goals.

I do not plan to attend any university before UBC and have not
attended any University for the period between September 2017 to June 2018.

It will be a privilege to be given the opportunity to further my
education at this noble institution. 

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