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My aspiration to become an entrepreneur began during the early stages of my life observing my father’s textile business. In today’s era of globalization it is pivotal to have a broad and refined outlook in International business and its relationship with culture and consumer. I strongly believe being an entrepreneur requires meticulous planning, execution of work precisely and advancing towards sustainability for both betterment of mankind and environment. My vision is to establish a globally recognized brand in textile sector. The United Kingdom has a highly developed commercial sector and possesses a great multi-cultural atmosphere where there is continual exposure to experiential skills and new ideas. For these reasons I hope to master and harness such skill and knowledge from world reputed faculties and research facilities.

My father being an entrepreneur in the textile industry inspired me to pursue a career in management. His motivation and dedication to build a successful textile business has helped me understand many ideas and concepts related to business and management. As a child I was always excited to see the prodigious spinning machineries, it never failed to impress me each time I visited the textile firm. The amount of effort and process that is done just to produce yarn out of cotton has always left me curious and intrigued about manufacturing and innovation technology in textiles. This led me to pursue my undergraduate degree in textile technology from a reputed university in Coimbatore, India. I am confident that learning professional management skills from your esteemed institution will enable me to assist him in the near future and help me achieve the goal of being an entrepreneur with a difference.

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Over the years, my education has taught me to resolve  problem with patience, develop good relationship and most importantly self-reflection and growth. As I am filled with curiosity to learn and my desire to gain knowledge has exposed me to frequent public speaking which helped me to build my leadership and communication skills. I believe myself to be a natural leader and I hope to enhance and improve such traits to achieve my dream and bring positive effect of mutual growth both in workplace and society. As an elected secretary of my department association (textile) I have experiences in organizing various events such as national level events and international conferences. My technical knowledge in textile has also helped me to acknowledge, learn and present paper presentation in various colleges. The paper Textile Project Management and Finance that I pursued in my seventh semester provided an overview grip of concepts to embark upon voyage in management and also served to further fuel my ambition and deepen my interest in that field.

My innate strength has been my creative thinking and problem solving ability, which instilled in me a special interest in Business Management. Further my experience in international summer school at HOF University, Germany provided me different perception in textile management, this provided a deep insight in massiveness of the market and opportunity to do oversea business. It helped me to explore new cultures, connect with different people, communicate in different languages, capture experiences and finally capitalize the provided opportunity. Additionally it also proved my level of commitment and my ability to go an extra mile by providing positive impression and motivation towards my career.
The program offered by your institution, with its flexibility, strength of curriculum and coursework, will allow me to further my understand the interdisciplinary approach to complex issues related to management, which the global corporate face daily in their work environment.