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My initial experience of working on a
computer was nothing less than bewildering. Whether it was the millions of
things that a computer can do or its flawless multi-tasking abilities – my introduction
to various realms of computers has only made my interest in the subject grow
over the years. Ever since high school, Computer Science (CS) has been my top priority.

Thus, gradually while the aspect of
working on a computer became pretty normal but the logic behind CS never failed
to ignite the feeling of amazement within myself. As time passed, I began to
dig deeper into the applications and techniques of CS by taking up additional
courses, attending seminars and utilizing my analytical skills to develop
varied computer programs. Subsequently, this growing knack became the primary
reason to pursue CS for my undergraduate studies in engineering. Therein sub-topics
like data structure, computer graphics and algorithms fascinated me the most. This
was also accompanied by my passion for coding and designing user interfaces. However,
even now when I have worked as a developer and gained substantial practical
know-hows in the subject, my urge to learn more and expand my horizons hasn’t
subsided. Thus, currently I seek admission into the MSI program offered by
University of Michigan, School of Information. My chief areas of interest are human-computer
interactions, user interface and user experience.

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While my curiosity in CS has always
been quite high, what captivated my
attention majorly was the way things are designed and the way those bring about
a positive change in the lives of those using them; be it in the form of any
application, game or social site. How people get engaged and engrossed in an application
and just the experience of using it made them happy. The idea of making the
users feel happy seems much rewarding. However, with my limited knowledge on designing
and human behavior, I am thus keen on augmenting my skills further and pursuing
this coveted MS in Information to achieve my long-term career aspirations.

My first milestone after completion of my graduate
studies would be designing and enhancing existing projects with the expertise
gained by being a part of your graduate community. Whereas in the long-term, I
see myself implementing techno-creative ideas for devising programs and
applications that better the lives of people – globally.


Whilst pursuing my CS engineering from Rajeev Gandhi
Prodyugiki Vishwavidyalaya – an established technical education institute in
the country, I have been fortunate enough to build a strong academic
foundation. My fascination with CS was catalyzed by my extensive
undergraduate curriculum comprising of subjects like Computer Graphics, Data
Structures and Algorithms, Programming Languages, DBMS, Artificial Intelligence
and Computer Networks. Not only are these topics intrinsic to my graduate
program as well but these have also given me the opportunity to combine my
theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Alongside, a myriad of hands-on
lab work made learning the concepts much lucid and exciting.


a minor project in college, the ‘Fitness App’ was an android multiuser
application. In this, diet plans were generated for users based on their Body
Mass Index (BMI). On completion of exercises, users get the next plan and so
on.  Workout and exercises were depicted
via GIF images as well as with YouTube video links. This application provided
people with proper information and guidance that would help them maintain a
healthy lifestyle. In another project titled ‘Find-Me-That’ – an Android app, which was used to search people based
on their profession like plumber, tutor, key smith, painter, cook etc. It was
especially useful as a domestic service providing app for smartphone users. Another
module of the same application allowed people to register themselves online and
promote their business and skills locally. This application with its local
reach not only helped people to find service but also increased employability. This was followed by my next assignment on ‘Addict-o-meter’.
It was another Android based application which tracks the users’
activities such as number of times the phone has been unlocked, daily usage
time of applications and weekly plus monthly stats based on the data
collected’. This was developed keeping in mind the increasing amount of time
youngsters spend with their phones and so, on getting a complete report they
will be able to track their actions and be motivated to spend less time with
their phones. All such project works were based on real-life problems that I
came across. These projects have not just given me the platform to apply my
logical skillset to practice but also trained me to work under tight deadlines
to solve real-world challenges that crop up while practically developing a
given project.


my various trainings and workshop attendance have also provided me with a micro
view of CS. My training on C, C++, DBMS and .Net by ATS Info Tech – a Microsoft
authorized education enterprise has let me comprehend the nuances of computer
programming. Next in line was my soft skills training program by Hewlett
Packard Educational Services in India.


other additional courses include – the app design course of UX, UI and Design
thinking certification by London
App Brewery as well as the iOS and Android icon Design by Udemy certification. As a creative
individual filled with enthusiasm for latest technologies, I have also
completed several intensive workshops on ‘ethical hacking’ by Indian Servers,
Hyderabad. Being blessed with a techno-creative mind makes it easy for me to
learn new technologies and implement them. Although learning new things has
always made me zealous but designing is what gives me the most satisfaction!
From representing my college at Microsoft Talent 2014 to being the ‘Creative
and Exhibition Head’ at Central India’s largest tech fest – Kronos 2016 – my
involvements in CS have been way beyond just coursework.  


being among the top academic performers in class, my active participation in
extra-curricular activities has groomed myself as a complete individual. While
on one hand my vocal attitude has seen me being the Public Relation Sub-head at
Kronos 2015, my willingness to work as a team player has let me become the
‘Campus Election Ambassador’ in college. I am also a Co-founder and National
Creative Head at ‘Muskaan Dream Creative Foundation’ – an ‘under 100
startups’ award winner and ‘world record holder’ NGO.
Therein we work towards providing educational, emotional & financial
support to children living in protection homes across the country. I along with
my team also aim to mobilize the youth in building a movement of leaders to address
the problems related to child education in India. When free from work, I enjoy
writing and penning down my thoughts. This I have been a regular writer for
OJAS – our college magazine. Having gained a 2nd level degree in Reiki
– the Japanese art of distant healing, off-late I have become a much calm and
empathetic individual.


In my search for a cutting-edge
graduate program, Michigan’s MSI program caught my attention the most. Few
research projects that connects with me most are worth a mention, Erin Krupa’s
research titled ‘Design-Perception & Action’ deals with one of the
questions I have always found myself asking. ‘Why people disclose confidential
information to strangers’. Similarly, Karen Markey’s research project titled
‘Building game students want to play’ prompted an idea of building something
like BiblioBouts in real world that would make under-privileged kids learn
things easily while playing.


 Apart from this, University can be accounted
to its plethora of electives and finely balance curriculum offering theoretical
and practical learning. I further appreciate that studying under guidance of
renowned professors like Lorraine Buis, Lionel Robert, Tawanna Dillahunt, Karen
Markey would be nothing short of a lifetime experience! Plus, I would love to
be a part of School of Information’s Diversity Committee. Your diverse student
body and the opportunity to revamp my technical and skills on a holistic level
is another stirring aspect of being a part of University of Michigan. Thus,
conclusively I believe that my urge for academic excellence, discipline and a
desire to be a better version of myself will make me an ideal candidate for this
popular Master of Science in Information program.