My This early fascination of mine, combinedMy This early fascination of mine, combined

My fascination for the ever-growing engineering technology always sided with the thought “How does it work?”. They say that Curiosity kills the cat, but I would say the cat died nobly trying to figure out. I have always had the curiosity to poke around and learn something new. The curiosity extended from times when I poked around day to day utilities to the time where I started poking around source code of websites and applications to learn of their implementations, behaviors and at times provided for occasions for me to learn from or even make it better. This love for codes which all began with HTML and pushed me to design web pages.

My fascination in Computer Science began with my interests in BASIC and LOGO from my time at my Middle School. This early fascination of mine, combined with a strong liking for coding inspired me to seek admission to Computer Science and Engineering in my undergraduate program at Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, affiliated to Anna University, one of India’s leading State Universities. I have always believed that a subject is better understood when one sees an abstract theory being realized by a practical system. The various projects and demanding laboratory courses have helped me excel with a better understanding of my subjects.

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During my study, I participated in one of the most prestigious project contest called “The Great Mind Challenge” conducted by IBM and qualified among the top 50 of 5000 teams all over India. I got to lead a team of three members were successfully able to develop a web application “Highly Confidential Security System,” which stores all the confidential hashed under MD5 encryption with a two-step verification system consisting of a user passphrase and a visual color code input.

In this four-year period, I went beyond the regular academic pursuits and gathered skill sets in many allied areas including programming, web technology, data structures and algorithms, Computer Networks, Advanced Computer Architecture, Software Project Management, Theory of Computation, Software Quality Assurance, Probability and Queuing theory.

The pre-final and final year of my undergraduate education provided me with ample opportunities to improve my managerial skills by organizing national level technical symposiums and cultural events. In the pre-final year, I took an active part in technical symposiums, for paper presentations on topics related to GPRS and Locating Hotspot. I also attended workshops on Corporate Etiquettes conducted by Infosys. These have greatly improved my skill set in interestingly presenting a topic. I have always been keen on giving presentations and taking seminars all my academic life. 

In my final semester, I along with my team (my team and I) developed an Android application for ‘Locating detachment among devices using multi-tracking system’ as my academic project. Apart from academic curriculum, I have always shown interest in learning new programming languages. I have been trained in Java, .NET, Oracle PL/SQL, C and C++. I have also done my CJEV4 course comprising of core Java and advanced Java from NIIT and secured 79% overall. I developed a fairly good knowledge and successfully became Oracle Certified Professional- Java SE 6 Programmer, and Oracle Certified Professional- Java EE 5 Web Component Developer.

My In-Plant training in HCL career development made me quite well versed in Android, Networking, and Blue Eye Technology. The training helped in knowing about the software platforms and the Software Development Life Cycle models. I have also had an In-Plant Training with L Constructions where I did a mini project on creating an online quiz web application and got a great appreciation for the same. 

Over the past 3 years, I have been employed in an MNC, and I have gained adequate knowledge working on a practical environment and got exposed to a greater side of the corporate life (can’t find a perfect word instead of life). I have successfully been a part of delivering various projects and got exposed to a wide range of tools and high-end codings and frameworks. This has apparently helped me to become a smart worker and a great team player. I also got an opportunity to develop a Camera Upload mobile application integrating it with ICR tool for JP Morgan and Chase, which expanded my skill in time management and leadership. 

My tenure with Brillio Technologies private Ltd, I was given a ‘Pat on back’ award for developing an OCR tool. I also received a group excellence award for being a part of the successful delivery of a project to the client. My working experience with Accenture Technology Private Ltd has molded me to work under pressure and exploit the opportunities of automating all the manual and time-consuming tasks. It has shaped me up well in terms handling critical issues, thinking out of the box, time management and in being punctual.

I believe that merit in any domain of life can be reached through smart work, perseverance and dedication yet the lack of profound knowledge of the subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. It is by this belief that I want to pursue my Masters in Computer Science with specialization in System Software at your esteemed university in USA. In the short term, post MS; I aim towards expanding my abilities and my knowledge by research, a PhD, in the upcoming years. In the long term, I aspire to be a part of a prodigious organization in its research & development sector, through which I would be able to contribute for a better future in field of Computer.

My intense longing to carry on my MS program in Computer Science at San Jose State University stems from the fact that it is one of the top universities in USA having a fine record of academic excellence backed by expert faculties such as Dr. Tsau Young Lin, whose work has been one among the inspirations for me to pursue my Masters in Computer Science. Also, I want to study at your esteemed university, for it provides the kind of exposure needed to burgeon my thinking and undo any narrow-minded predispositions in my field of study that might be still prevailing within me and feed my curiosity.

In addition to my academic pursuits I have always been an all-rounder. Right from my childhood I was into all the extracurricular and co-curricular activities in school and college. I believe that only a sound body can have a sound mind, so I always ensured that I keep myself fit and healthy. I have formally trained in shuttle badminton and have represented my school teams in both inter-school and intramural competitions.

I believe that I can contribute my best while learning from the academically challenging environment at San Jose State University. I am convinced that my study at your department would be a meaningful and mutually rewarding experience. I look forward to have a long and profitable association with this esteemed institution.