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My values have played a role at different moments in my life. Sometimes, at some point in my life, I have many values that work. One example is when I attended school sports. In my ITE education days, I was a member of the swimming team. I heard from my friends, freshman which they influence me to join. However, this team will prove to be a bigger commitment than I thought. Every training day, there will be two hours of practice, and sometimes may be extended. Everyone knows that every Friday is the following day that we are looking forward. Unfortunately,  The swimming training falls on every Wednesday and Friday night,7 pm. In many cases, the swimming training may be three days, because of participating in the school competition which means you not only need to train extra but also have to swim at least 2km per training.This proved to me when a time when one of my values came into play. Honestly, I have been tired for many days. Sometimes it is because of the long week in school, the rest of the time due to practice throughout the training session. There are some points during this period and I’m not sure if I want to practice that day or go home to sleep that Friday. I will just convince and motivate myself attend the training but just do not want to do it again.However, one of my core values will work: Commitment. I have to remind myself that I made a commitment to the team and said I would attend all medley relay training. I have already said my words through good or bad days, I will attend and practice every day and I will be in line for every game. Although it is hard, I didn’t  want to go back on my word and on myself, and just quit at the halfway of the training. which I will not only disappoint myself but also disappoint my teammates and coaches. I can not give up, I’m glad I’ve never done it before. In every difficult part of the training, I like swimming more and understand the struggles I’ve come through and realized that I’ve had it all. When I’m going through difficult times, I sometimes come out and say to myself: “You made a commitment to the team that you would keep.” At other times, I just remind myself that I respect my words, if I give up the efforts everytime times,  how could others trust me if I gave up when the days when times are hard.However, another value plays a role at this particular moment: family. I joined the swimming team as a stranger, I do not know the team. However, spending so much time with them, not only in practice but also in schools more and more to see them, we became friends, more like a brother. Not only should I not disappoint my family (the swimming bro), I also like to be with them. Eat together, sleep together, together (almost) 24/7 together to establish a strong bond between us, if I give up, then the bond will change. I do not want such a thing to happen because I attach great importance to those guys too much and do not want to harm it.In addition, I not only want to give up my commitment and family but also give up my health and education. By participating in this sport, I learned a lot about my body and health needs. I learned the importance of eating properly and exercising, especially if you have a major event like a match. Through different physical exercises, I learned the body’s reaction and how to train a certain sport correctly. If I want to quit things that will affect my body, I will put it all into practice. Although I can exercise on my own, the timetables I keep (including exercises and competitions) and the exercises, I’m working on are very good for me and it is not good to give up these exercises.Not only that, I’m still learning new things and enjoying it. I am learning a new sport that I have never heard of before in high school and are learning the details of the sport. I am learning how to work together in team-based sports and how to interact with others. I am learning how to compete fairly with others in this field and maintain a friendship. When I leave, I stop my education halfway, do not finish this lesson, and always wondering if I stay, what else can I do. I like learning, so I hurt myself because I did not keep and absorb all the knowledge I could learn.I enjoy learning, and so I would have been harming myself by not staying and absorbing all the knowledge that I could. In this particular case, all my values are shown to me. Although I may not come out to myself right away, I need to follow these values directly, but if I quit the team, I would like to pass each of the different consequences, so each value appears with a different result. If I quit the team in the middle of the semester, I will return to my commitment and words. By staying on the team, even though the good and bad times we went into.I had proved to myself that my values were a great asset to me, as I could stick with them through the hard times, and they can push me to be my best self.