Name: service – Would the customer missName: service – Would the customer miss

Name: Remy Al Hafez

Department: Banking & Finance

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Each person has different
point of view about good customer service, not everyone is on the same page. To
some people, good customer service is solving a problem and offering a fast
solution in a appropriate way.

To others it means kindness
and pleasantness from those who represent the company. Some people define it as
when a company is willing to the customer whatever they want and everything
they want. Some people define it as a good quality. There is a phase that says
” the customer is always right ” doesn’t matter how unreasonable the customer
is being, it’s a way to attract the customer and convince them that we’ll do
whatever it takes to keep you as our customer.

There is not right or wrong
when it comes to this case, because the aspect that makes a “good” customer
service also depends on what specific things a particular customer may hold
valuable or their expectations from what the company does with their

Good customer service should
be defined by the company not by the customers. It depends how the company
defines it then it will determine what good customer service means to them.

Having a good customer
service would change the reputation of the company and having a good reputation
will lead to increase of sales. Therefore there is some questions a company
should ask themselves while they’re focusing on good customer service

Would the customer miss this product if it’s no longer around?

What would they miss about it exactly?

Are they satisfied with products?

Are they going to miss the company?

Would they easily find a replacement offering?

Would did they choose your company over others or others over you?

Does interacting with your business make a real difference to their


Once the company ask
themselves these questions and make sure they have the right answers, then they
can start focusing on good customer service.

Good customer service is
important this generation, and it’s hard to make a customer satisfied and happy
these days because there is strong competition between all companies , because
customers love complaining whether it makes sense or not, therefore companies
should concentrate on the satisfaction of the customer whether it’s a service
or a product, everything should be taken under consideration, first it starts
with the reputation of the company which is the word of mouth and it needs to
be perfect and clean, then the quality of the product of x company, then how
employees treat customers ( how they market it, how they advertise it), then
how customers react while they’re using it and the feedback the company gets,
then the most important stage is how the company treats the customers once they
become their loyal customer, because once they become loyal customer it means
they will start spreading around your product which is the word of mouth and
this is how sales increase.

For example I consider my
self as an Apple loyal customer, because I use all their products, as I talk
positive about their products and spread around about the company, because of
the satisfaction they give me while I’m using the product.

As you can see the technology
war fight between Apple and Samsung between people, and these war technology
fights will make companies motivated to make their customers for satisfied.
It’s obvious that Apple are always winning the fights because they have a lot
of loyal customers and they provide high quality customer service which will
make people attracted to buy and use their products. And there is a phase that
says ” Apple products don’t catch viruses ” and this phase makes customers much
more attracted to buy Apple.

Therefore, sometimes it
depends on the quality of the product and the quality of the service they
provide to their customers, sometimes people prefer better service then better
product, because having a good service is always a satisfaction whether it’s a
service in a restaurant or service of a company.

The amazing service apple
provides is that whenever you need them they will always be there for you, they
can even fix your problem even if you’re thousands kilometers away from them.
These are sone of the ways to provide good customer service but it does not end
there. I will look at these reasons in depth in this project.














Customer privacy involves the
protection of really sensitive information about each individual in daily
basis. This involves the exchange or use of data technologically including
telephones, fax, or even direct word of mouth.  

Some people worry about
privacy which all technology don’t provide, in my opinion there is no privacy
these days anymore, since technology has been improved a lot in the past 10
years, customer privacy has became a major issue. Everything can be hacked and
get into easily. When there is a misused personal information that can result identity
theft or financial fraud that cost people and businesses and government
millions of dollars. As an example lately people are hacking iCloud and getting
the pictures and selling them online, therefore people should always be careful
with what they’re dealing with and who they’re dealing with. Companies provide
good services to people while on the other hand they’re selling the people’s
information to FBI or any other organization that needs information of people.

The problem is people agree
to share their own information on the internet when they know this information
might be stolen, then they come complaining about it. Yes, it’s the company
that is supposed to provide safety for customers, but at the same time
customers should be under knowledge that the information can be stolen,
therefore they can’t complain about it when they are not being careful about
their personal information.

In my opinion companies
should provide high privacy for customers make sure nothing can be hacked
easily, and all personal information cannot be checked by anyone even the
company itself, because it affects the company’s reputation and it effects the
company’s sales when customers know that there is a possibility of getting

It’s scary when you’re always
under pressure from getting hacked, and the possibility of your information
getting stolen by someone, and this information might be precious, might cost
more than a million dollars.

Giving privacy to customers
would make them feel comfortable and making the customers comfortable would
make them trust the company which leads to loyal customer and this leads to
high sales.

Lately the supermarkets are
putting camera above each shelf to see where customers are laying their eyes on
to. Companies always want to know everything about each customer to help them
know what each customer need and want, and this increase their sales, which is
a bit scary for people.

Some people prefer having
private life without anyone’s interfering in it. Supermarket should ask
customers before doing such a thing, maybe some customers won’t find it a
problem, but in my opinion 90% of the customers won’t be okay with it to give
their own information to strangers.

To make a good customer service
company should provide safety and privacy for customers to build trust between
the company and the customer. When the customer trusts the company he/she will
be willing to do whatever it takes to stay as their loyal customer, and willing
to fight the competitors of the company he’s following, and that’s what every
brand wish.






























Who are your customers




Customers are people who need
assistance. They are not an interruption to the job, they are the reason
employees have a job.

Each business should know who
are their customers, and what they want and what’s the customers expectation of
the products and the company Itself. Some businesses have a specific target
whether it’s an age or gender, for example Toy’s R us target is kids and
babies. Apple company’s target students and business man and people who use
technology often, therefore each company should know their target before
selling their product.

Each person has different
needs, my needs are different from other people. What attract me might not
attract other people, and businesses should know what attracts who. The creation
of CRM helped businesses a lot, it saves all the information about each
customer, it helps companies and businesses to know what each person want. If the
customer is loyal, the company should immediately know what this customer is
looking for, because they have all the information about him/her whether they’re
in a relationship or not, whether they have kids or not.

Since technology improved a
lot, companies can easily know who are their customers, data can be saved on
the computer.

As I study Banking &
Finance, banks mostly target the people who want to do investments. Banks try
to courage people to do investments by increasing the interest rate. Each financial
institution has a different way to attract customers. Banks also provide
deposits for people who needs to put away money, some people prefer putting
their money in the bank than putting them at home because banks provide safety
and they guarantee people that nothing will be stolen.

Each business has different
strategies to attract their target whether by doing a sale or warranties and guarantees,
or buy 1 get one for free. There is a lot of ways people can get attracted.

In the example I mentioned
before, that supermarkets put camera above each shelf to know where customers
are looking, this helps them to concentrate to know what customers are buying
the most and what they’re searching for the most, and where they are laying
their eyes on to at the beginning.



employees treat customers


When it comes to good
customer service, the company should be careful how they’re dealing with
customers, because customers are always sensitive, therefore companies should
never make their customers wait, patience is a virtue, in one survey conducted,
69% of those interviewed define good customer service as receiving a quick and
fast reply to a reported problem.

There is huge problem with
customer service representatives, that makes people wait for hours who have
neither the authority or the ability to resolve problems on their own. 26% of
customers that dealt with customer service representatives have been
experienced a bad experience with being transferred from agent to agent without
any resolution and this makes customers run away from this particular company.

When It comes to right and
wrong, customers are always right. This phase employees should always follow,
because if the employee starts arguing with the customer, the customer will
start look at the company in a bad point of view, the employees proceeds the
company’s reputation, that’s why the employees should always be careful how
they treat the customers, because if the customer gets a bit angry he/she will
run away and become a hater and that’s a thing no company wants. Companies
always want loyal customers.

Customers always have the
right to be listened to carefully until employees understand the customer’s

Customers should always be
treated in a way that works best for them, each customer likes be treated in a
different way.

Customers should understand
what the service they are receiving is, what It is not in a clear way, they
shouldn’t have high expectations then they get less than what they expected,
this would ruin the relationship between the company and customer.

It’s good to be completely
honest with the customer, because sometimes honesty will build trust, customers
always prefer straight forward answers.

Customers always expect
companies to value them and seek to exceed their expectations.

Employees should know the
exact details about the company and should learn the technical parts of the
job, the technical parts might be good communication with customers. Employees should
always know their place in the team and be a team player.

Greeting the customers is way
to create and maintain a welcoming environment, and it can be done by being
attentive and acknowledge the person as soon as they appear. Smile shouldn’t
leave the employee’s face, it keeps customers calm and comfortable in the

Keeping eye contact with the
customer is also important, because people always ask for attention. And tell
the employee’s name is a start, and being polite and respectful is also




































Customers loyalty




Loyalty can be defined as a
customer continuing to believe that the company’s product/service offer is
their best option. It best fulfills their value proposition whatever that may
be. They take that offer whenever faced with the purchasing decision.

Customer loyalty encourages
customers to shop more consistently, spend a greater share of wallet, and feel
positive while doing do, helping attract customers to familiar brands in the
face of competitive environment.

When the customer becomes a
loyal customer, he/she will start doing the what all companies wish, which is
the word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the act of
the customer providing nice information to other customer.

Everyone listens to the
message of word of mouth because it comes from a trusted source.

Word of mouth is done daily, I
consider myself as a loyal customer to Apple company, and I even market them by
word of mouth, by telling people that their products are the best in market. When
close people listen to what I’m saying, they are going to immediately believe
what I’m saying, and this conversation might actually turn to real action.

Sometimes there is war
between Apple and Samsung, both companies start attacking each other by
creating new gadgets and new updates for their gadgets. But the interesting part
is when the loyal customers of these companies start defending the companies. When
the company sees such a things it makes them motivated to improve their
products and keep people satisfied and happy and keep them as their loyal customers.

Their should always be a good
relationship between the company and the customers, especially if the customer
is a loyal customer, they should always keep them updated, and invite them to

Having a good relationship
with the customers will build a strong trust between both, therefore companies
should be careful how they treat the customers, because doing a small mistake
can ruin the relationship and lose a valuable customer.




Communicating effectively
with customers




Good customer
service is taking that extra step to help without being asked, it’s all about
attitude and skills.

should always ask customers for feedbacks, it helps both sides, because the
company can fix their problems and keep everything as the customer want, and
customer will feel valued and important.

feedbacks increase the sales of the company if the feedbacks were good, but if
the feedbacks were bad it will obviously affect the sales of the company,
therefore companies should always take feedbacks under consideration and fix
the problems right away.

box is always a smart move to know what customers like and what they’re looking
for in the company or what they’re waiting to see and the company can improve
itself by the suggestion box.

what it is that a customer wants when they enter the company, each customer has
different wants and company should know right away they the customer wants,
because of the previous information they have, once the customer sees the they
already know what he/she looking for they would feel happy.

is a 2-way process, listening to others which means to hear what they need and
what they’re looking for then show them what you understood ( receiving ) , and
asserting/ expressing, which is sending an information to others about
something specific ( sending ). Invitations and questions and encouragement
will open the doors to further communications.

should be telephone skills also, employee should know how to use the phones,
they should speak clearly and slowly, and mentioning the name and the company
at the beginning is always important, they should write down the information
about the caller for example write down the caller’s name and use it while the
conversation is going, it strengthen the relationship unconsciously.

When the
customer is explaining something the employee should use words to show they’re
concentrating with customer such as ( umm, yes..).

and paper should be ready to take notes and messages, and use these information.