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development of media  has many influence
on learning process the one influence that we know is technology. Technology in
education has a lot of advantages which are can help the teachers to modified
their teaching process, and help students to make them more understand and feel
exciting in learning process. There are some media that can used in teaching
process they are picture, song, and video or movie. Nowadays many schools on
their learning process using media to support their leaning process to be effective,
some of them are computer or laptop, and LCD that we can find in every school.

using of video material especially Englsh movie become the material in the
classroom is the common way to teach vocabulary. The using of English movie
also can modified the learning process and can make student interest to follow
the learning process. English movies we can find in any countries, of course we
can find in Indonesia with various titles that shown. Movie that chosen is the
movie that has valuable and pleasurable and the important one is the movie
should suitable with the level that want taught. As we know movie has purpose
is to intertain, but many teachers have modifeid the movie to be teach to
improve the teaching English especially in teaching vocabulary.

movie has benefit  in vocabulary aspect
of language learning. As we know vocabulary has an important role in english. According
to Jumariati 2010 aspect vocabulary on foregn language has main role. The role
of vocabuary can help the student to mastering and developing English language.
Movie, not only as students motivation in learning process but also, movie is
provide the native speaker voice. Through movie students also can improve their
listening skill, because when students watching English movie they need to
concentration so indirectly can help them to improve their listenng skill.


 Is there any significant effect of using
English movie with subtitle on vocabulary acquisition?

Is there any significant effect of using English movie without subtitle on
vocabulary acquisition ?


purpose of this study is to explore and investigate, based on the statement of
the researcher that the purpose of the study as follow:

1.    The
effect of watching English movie with subtitle

2.    The
effect of watching English movie without subtitle



HA: There is significant effect of
using English movie with subttle on vocabulary acquisition

H0:  There is no significant effect of using
English movie with subtitle on vocabulary acquisition

RQ2:   HA:
There is significant effect of using English movie without subtitle on

H0:  There is no significant effect of using
English movie without subtitle on vocabulary acquisition


 is the influence significant, the
experimental study that, is there any  significant effect of using English movie with
and without subtitle on vocabulary acquisition.

is a tool that used to share the information from the communicator to the

English Movie
the visual communication that can move and has soud is the media that used as
the material measurement of the vocabulary acquisition.

is the translation text of the dialogue in the movie in order to make the
audience understanding  the information
or the story of the movie about.

acqusition is the collection or
lists of words, include in the movie that the teacher want to give to the



2.1.1.  Movie

1.    Definition
and genres of movie

is an art of visual communication that have series moving image and sound to
deliver the information or story.

are many genres of movie, they are action movie, romance movie, adventure
movie, horor move, comedy movie, crime movie, drama, fantasy, historical, and
many more. Teachers that want to teach their students should to choose the
correct genre that suitable to their student’s level. Actually some genres such
as romance, drama and action can be chosen to all level whether for beginner,
intermediate or advanced but its depend of the language on the movie. If easy
to listen of course its for beginner and little bit difficult to listen its for
intermediate, and for advanced its certanly difficult. The most commonly genres
that used are romance and drama  because
these genres usually contain easily to understood and use daily language. These
genres can used for beginner, itermediate and adfanced, but for Action movie
its only for advanced because the use of language in this genre is little bit
difficult than romance and drama.

2.      The
advantage of using english movie in the classroom

·    Through
English movie can improve student’s motivation on learning process. Movie as
the pedagogical selection and many references is the material on  student’s motivation As King (2002).

·    English
movie as provide native speaker voice

·    English
movie besides to entertain, English movie can be teaching material

·    The
important thing of English movie it can improve vocabulary and new phrase or

·    English
movie can help students to exercise their listening skill

3.      The
disadvantage of using English movie

·    English
movie as the teaching material in the classroom, but its always face the risk
like some students who follow the learning process is not seriously beecause
they think that the movie is make them bored.

·    English
movie as the material must have good preparation esspecially for the speaker or
sound and the screen, if the sound and the screen are not  clear 
so it can distract the students to catch and uderstanding what is the
movie about and the more important is it can distrub student’s vocabulary
acquisition and their listening skill.


1.      Definition

There are some
definition of subtitle from some references that the researcher has found:

In Merriam-webster,
subtitle is the translation statement in foregn language of the dialogue that
show on the screen of the television.

subtitle is words repetition in the complete of book title on the text of the
first page.

According to Oxford
Dictonaries subtitle defined:

· Subtitle
is the show of text of the dialogue or narrative on the screen below that

· Subtitle
is the content of information from ancillary title of producing article or
works text.

2.      The
influence of watching English movie with subtitle

· Watching
English movie with subtitle has the influence of student’s concentration. They have
to keep up on their listening to the dialogue and the skill of read the text on
the screen.

· Using
subtitle here is not the translation of the dialogue, but appear the English
subtitle based on the dialogue, so the influence is the students try to find
the meaning but still follow the story of the movie

3.      The
influence of watching English movie without subtitle

· Watching
English movie without subtitle has the influence to the students, they have to
listen carefully to find the meaning on the dialogue because there is no
running tex, and also increase student’s concentration while they watching the

· Watching
English movie without subtitle sometimes have the influence to the student
itself, because for some students watchimg movie without the help of subtitle
can make them bored. So this has an impact on student’s vocabulary acquisiton.


1.      Definition

Vocabulary has the role
in teaching language, so the researcher attempt to find the definition of
vocabulary itself. There are some definition from some references:

In Dictionary,
vocabulary is words that try to be learned in language or collection of word.

In Wikipedia, is a
drove of close words in language.

According to the
Cambridge Advanced learner’s Dictionary that vocabulary defined as follow:

· Vocabulary
is, the entire of words that certain people know and used.

· Vocabulary
is, the collection of words that stand in certain language and subject.

According to experts
that vocabulary defined as follow:

· According
to Homby (2006:1645) vocabulary is a set of words in certan language and words
which people knows and uses.

· According
to Hatch and Brown (1995: 1) vocabulary is a collection of words of certain
language andor collection of word which is the people or everyone may use.

So vocabulary is, the
main aspect that everyone must know in mastering English skill and teaching

2.      Types
of vocabulary

In study English there
are four skills that student should to know and mastering them. The four skills
are listening, speaking, reading and writing where they are included in types
of vocabulary.

· Listening
vocabulary, listening as the first step that we do, starting from womb and grow
become a baby, we often listen and detect the sound that received from our ear.
From listen and detect the sound around us, indirectly we receive word by word
that we call vocabulary.

· Speaking
vocabulary, they way we deliver our word by speaking.

· Reading
vocabulary, when we read text book indirectly we find new words.

· Writing
vocabulary we express ourselves by devote in form of wrting by using the words.
Through wrting text can influence to the words that used.

3.      Aspects
of vocabulary

According to Lado cited
in Mardianawati (202:11) he indicate the aspects of vocabulary as follow:

· Meaning,
the word that the teachers want to tell to their students, they should know and
tell them students  another meaning of the
word in order to make the students rich of words. The teacher can use
dictionary to guided their students.

· Spelling,
it has an important role when teaching the students because it help them to
read words and as the connect between the words and the sound.

· Pronunciation,
through pronunciation the students can comunicate confidently. As we know
pronunciation is difficult to learn because there is no related tothe spelling
word, but the way how the students pronuncing they words.

· Word

According to Hatch and
Brown (1995: 218) word classes is have groups that mention as part of
speech  each groups have function. Part
of speech that we knows are noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, prposition,
conjuction and interjuction.

· Word

According to Murdianawati
(2012: 11), word use are able incriminate the grammar such be the subject
analyzing. In teaching language word use is the way how to use phrase, or

4.      The
role of vocabulary

Vocabulary has an
important role in language learning, to masering the English skill the students
should mastering the vocabulary first. In learning English more and more the
students mastering the vocabulary so they can easily understand the spoken or
written in English, and they have confidence in speaking English. The students
that have mastering vocabulary can easily express the English skill whether in
orally or in the form of writing. On the other hand the less vocabulary the
students have, will make them difficult to understand the spoken or written
text, and difficult for them to express in oral or in writing, because they
have limit words. So the rich of vocabulary that student has, influence on the
ability of students to mastering the English skill that’s why vocabulary
acquisition has an important role whether teaching English as foreign languange
or teaching English as second language.



1.      Markham
(1999), led an investigation in this regard. The members of this investigation
were 118 progressed ESL students. They watch two short movies of 12 and 13
minutes’ term in two distinct modes: with or without subtitle. The consequences
of listening examine exhibit of the student’s capacity to recognize the kry
word while screening fundamentally enhanced when the students hear the movies
again in the following test.

2.      Bird
and Williams (2002) and Schmidt (2007) they indicate that using subtitle
program is the great method for language studying. They kept up that perception
and studying language exist at the more prominent degree as the result of the distict
of limit wor and no accent variety.

3.      Liou
(2000) he found that the most part of the learners that utilized foregn
language as auxiliary assist, particulary the higher accomplishing learners.

4.      Laufer  and Nation (1999), Maximo (2000), Read
(2000), Gu (2003),Marion (2008) and Nation (2011), belive that  vacabulary has an important duty in the form
of endue spoken and written text, and the result of vocabulary is has an
important for the success second language utilizing and has an important duty.
The term of vocabulary has an important role in teaching language they are
listenng, speaking, reading, writing in English as foreign language and English
as second language.




study using quantitative method, quantitative research method is used for
investigate or analysis the statistical data.

research design that used is True-xperimental design. True-experimental design
is considered to be the most accurate of the experimental research because it
try to prove or dispute the mathematically of the hypothesis by using analyzing
the statistic. The researcher use independent variable, The researcher use
experimental design is to investigate the effect of using English movie with
and without subtitle on vocabulary acquisition.



population are the students  from MAN 2
Samarinda from eleven grade there are four classes which consist of 40 students
of each classes. The sample are consist of two classes from eleven grade, they are
XI IPA 1 and XI IPA 2.  Where each
clasesses consist of 40 students. The researcher classified two groups where XI
IPA 1 as the experimental group and XI IPA 2 as the control group.



1.      The
participan informed about the project that what is the researcher want to do.
After that, both classes XI IPA1 and XI IPA 2 will be given pre-test by
wathcing movie without subtittle. The test is multiple choice, the questions
related to the movie. Pre-test as the first test to investigate the mastering
vocabulary of the student’s ability

2.      In
another meeting the students from XI IPA 1 as the experimental group will be
given treatment by watching short movie  with
and without subtitle. While the students from XI IPA 2 as the control group is
not giving treatment they just follow the English course during the period.

3.      In
last meeting both groups XI IPA 1 and XI IPA 2  will be given post-test by watching movie
without subtittle the test is multiple choice that related to the movie, same
with first the test (pre-test). Post-pest as the second test to investigate is
there any significant differences from the first test.

4.      After
that, both groups will be given questionnaire to know their opinion about watching
movie with and without subtittle on students acquisition.



reseacher use 2 instruments they are test and questonnire. The test consist of
two test, pre-test as the first test and post-test as the second test. Questionnaire
that used is to know the student’s opinion about watcing English movie with and
without subtitle.

The movie is The Ron Clark Story that played by LCD.
And for the test consist of 20 multiple choice the questions releted to the
movie. The students do the test in 2 steps with the same question. The
questionnaire consist of 80 pieces that given to both groups XI IPA 1 and XI
IPA 2.



After examine the
participants, on the experimental test, the data analysis that used is independet
sampel t-test. Independent sample t-test is compare between two groups that
have no relation, to establish if there any significant diffrent. The formula
of independent sample t-test as follow:


t                       =

= the mean of sample 1 (experimental group)

= the mean of sample 2 (control group)

                    = the number of sample of experimental group

the number of sample of control group      

the variance of experimental group

the variance of conrtol group


















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