“Nearly as humans cannot handle the responsibility“Nearly as humans cannot handle the responsibility

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”   – Abraham Lincoln. The novel Lord Of The Flies is a psychological horror by the author William Golding. In the Lord Of The Flies novel, there many moments where the characters abuse the power they have obtained. A lesson that the novel attempts to teach its reader is that we should use power in a responsible way but very often we don’t. The Author William Golding wants the reader to believe that we as humans cannot handle the responsibility of power. Specifically, in the novel, the characters that abuse their power the most are Jack and Roger. They are the main antagonists of the story, creating all the chaos and abuse of power.The first major abuse of power that the reader can see is when Jack lies about Ralph’s group forcing his own tribe to attack Ralph’s.  In chapter 10 of the novel, Jack has set up his own tribe forcing plenty of the children to switch sides, he does this by invoking fear into the children forcing them to join his tribe. Jack uses this fear to command his tribe, and the fear has been so implemented into the children that they follow him religiously. He uses this newfound power to command his tribe to attack Ralph’s tribe telling lies such as Ralph’s Tribe is a danger to their own. Another lie he tells in this situation is that the beast never really died and they must continue to appease the beast. By telling these lies Jack has abused his power as everyone in his tribe believes him and even if they don’t they are too scared to question his words. Jack knows this fact and that is why he lies to his tribe making sure he still has power and is still able to be irresponsible with his power.Another way that the author William Golding demonstrates that people can’t handle the responsibility of power is at the end of the novel when Jack sets the forest on fire. At this point of the novel, Jack is enraged and has gone completely savage. The only thing that matters to him is the death of Ralph the rival tribe’s leader. Jack rounds up his tribe and commands them to find Ralph no matter what, Jack even tortures one of the twins in an attempt of getting Ralph’s location on the island. Later on, in his pursuit of Ralph, he decides to set the forest on fire, in the attempt of smoking Ralph out of his hiding spot. Jack abused his power as this is a very dangerous stunt, which not only can hurt him but his entire crew. As I have stated before Jack’s tribe never goes against his word, Jack forces everyone to do very dangerous actions in the final chapters of the novel. He looks over any bad outcomes of his actions and uses his power irresponsibly.Finally, the last major abuse of power is done by none other than Rodger. Rodger is the cruel Jack’s, right-hand man. Roger has been always off even in the beginning of the novel, as he is supposed to represent a darker side of humanity in the novel. Since that is his purpose he is, unfortunately, abusing his power too. Learning that the being Jack’s right-hand man practically allows him to whatever he wants, he uses this to his advantage. The reader finds out that Roger takes pleasure in fighting and torturing the other kids, and he uses his position of power to do these violent and cruel actions.  The reader also is able to find out that Sam and Eric believe that the real monster is Roger and not Jack, and the reader already knows that Roger loves to hurt the other children specifically Sam and Eric.  In conclusion, I believe that the author William Golding has conveyed the idea that we humans cannot handle the responsibility of power throughout the novel. The author creates characters such as Jack and Roger to represent the irresponsible use of power in the novel. In creating these characters which become the main antagonists of the novel, William Golding has managed to convey his ideas of when people get power they aren’t responsible with it. The reader can see these instances of power abuse when Jack lies to his tribe about Ralph and the beast. Another abuse of power is when Jack sets the forest on fire and commands his tribe to chase Ralph even in the dangerous situation. Jack knows that no one will ever disobey him, as he has implanted fear into the hearts of the children. Finally, the last misuse of power in the novel is when Roger realizes that he has the freedom to do whatever he pleases. Rodger understands what it means to be Jack’s right-hand man, and in doing so he mistreats his tribe mates and tortures them. I believe that William Golding has written about how humanity does not understand the responsibility that power comes with, instead, humanity’s intention may start off well but it will always end up being abused and misused.