Net For example, the people of GuatemalaNet For example, the people of Guatemala

Net Neutrality is the principle that states and prohibits internet companies from slowing down, speeding up, and blocking internet content that you want to use. Net neutrality is the way the internet has always been used and it allows individuals to communicate freely and protects our freedom of speech. It also means that the ISPs or internet service provider should provide us with open networks and should not discriminated over certain applications or content. The internet should stay the same because ISPs should not dictate what an individual views or posts. The internet should stay neutral because it gives us freedom to view at anything we want, it allows people to innovate, it stops internet providers from raising prices on services, and it monitors illegal activity.With no net neutrality there are limitation to what we can and cannot view and what services we are provided. For example, the people of Guatemala have several different sim cards to have free access to different services such as WhatsApp and Facebook. In different countries around the Iberian Peninsula, people would purchase “packages” to have access to the different type of social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In Morocco, there has been blocked access on certain voice over app due to interest on the internet company. This forces many Moroccans to change their phone plan to have access to the application. With the internet being neutral this allows people with website to express themselves freely. It allows individuals to be protected from ISPs because certain service providers can sensor content that they do not agree with. With net neutrality in place, it reframes ISPs from altering the flow of the data because they do not agree with its content, blocking access, and changing services.By having net neutrality in place it protect innovation and allows companies to innovate. As long as the internet remains neutral it allows companies to innovate and protect their innovations. Net neutrality also offers companies and small business the same resources and capabilities. By not having net neutrality in place different companies will have different advantages over the other. Having internet freedom also gives opportunity and equal standing to different people to share information and make a living. By having no internet freedom it can disrupt students way of learning and the different careers that require the internet. The demise of net neutrality in the United States would mean the demise of innovation in United States and certain careers that are in need of technology and the internet.By not having net neutrality in place it allows ISPs to raise prices on their services. For example when AT&T blocked access to facetime on people’s Phones unless they paid higher rates for their data plan. This action was reversed after many consumers complained of it. In many countries that do not have net neutrality in place it for consumers to pay higher price to access a certain internet content. People in Guatemala purchase different sim cards that offer them different services, but if they try to access other apps or websites they are obligated to pay more for their usage. In Portugal, ISPs offer various packages for different applications and websites. These packages do not cut into your monthly plan they do this so people are allowed to use their apps without cutting into your data. In the United States, AT offers unlimited data when they are subscribed with DirecTV and T-Mobile offers Spotify or Apple Music without cutting into their data plan, but they cannot access application once their data is used up.