New meals on New Year’s Eve orNew meals on New Year’s Eve or

New Year’s is a holiday celebrated all around the world is seen to be dated back all the way to ancient Babylon, but it was not until Julius Caesar that the designated start of every year was January first. Even in that time period, people had celebrations surrounding the fresh start of a new year and created traditions still seen today, such as making resolutions or having special meals. Over time, many countries have adopted their own New Year’s traditions that usually begin on December 31st, New Year’s Eve, consisting of decorations, singing, spending time with friends and family, parties, and more. Focusing on Colombia, there are numerous customs for this holiday that may seem unusual to someone living in the United States. An example is that when the clock strikes midnight, one would eat twelve grapes, making one wish per grape. The number twelve relates to the number of rings heard from church bells when it is midnight. Another tradition is taking one’s suitcase around the block in order to ensure a year of good travel and adventure. As a way to let go of the past year, it is common to have an effigy named “Año Nuevo” made, stuffed with fireworks, and lit at midnight, just as the old year is burning away. More of these customs include wearing a pair of new yellow underwear, cleaning one’s house on New Year’s Eve, taking the first step of the New Year with one’s right foot, filling one’s pocket with lentils, and having money in hand when the clock strikes twelve. The celebration of this holiday is different from what I am used to in the United States in many ways, one being the food eaten. While in Colombia “lechona,” which is a suckling pig, roasted and stuffed with herbs, spices, rice, and more, is a traditional meal, I do not eat special meals on New Year’s Eve or New Years Day. In addition, Colombia has many more traditions than what I have experienced, which is only drinking champagne, being with friends or family, having parties, and kissing at midnight.