Nike, their shopping habits. They don’t mindNike, their shopping habits. They don’t mind

Nike, Inc. which was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The Air Jordan is owned by the Nike and endorsed for a great basketballer “Michael Jordan”, back in the 1984, the shoe was designed and was sold separately by a subdivision even though they own the company. Air Jordan were first manufactured for public consumption in 1985 with a new design coming yearly. Nike various types of Nike brands which include Nike Air force 1-13, Nike Sprint etc. Nike Air Jordan is one of the brands of Nike footwear collections which popular in the world of sports and athletes. This product is common among celebrities and basketballers. The brand company is owned by Phil Knight and Mark Parker. Nike Air Jordan is both Hedonic and Utilitarian.  Its hedonic because people purchase this brand because of the experience. The fact that Michael Jordan is a major reason behind the logo and design, it gives them motivation and influence their shopping habits. They don’t mind the price because they are buying the brand for luxury purpose and they feel fun and pleasure buying the product. it’s also a utilitarian product is in sports because basketballers rely and trust the brand, they believe in the quality and what they can achieve by buying the brand. Nike Air Jordan is a brand known and respected by most athletes, this makes the brand to be more purchased than any other footwear company and gives them comparative advantage over their competitors.Nike Air Jordan Advertisement is mainly sports related with the use of the slam duck by Michael Jordan. It shows that with Nike Air Jordan, it gives one wings to lift oneself beyond a normal basketballer and makes you fly like Michael Jordan. The Advertisement strategy includes billboards, prints ads, celebrity endorsement, television, internet and sports centers. MJ as they call him, Michael Jordan is the original brand ambassador for Nike since February 17th, 2013 and the Nike Air Jordan was made after him and his slam duck. MJ is a basketball player and not just an ordinary Shoot Guard but a legend. He graduated from North Carolina College in 1984 and started his basketball career same year. he played for Chicago Bulls and USA national team. He won several awards as a team for USA and individual basketball player. He won his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls. After his numerous winning and success stories Nike gave him an offer which he slammed back on their face because his favorite was Adidas and Converse. His mother gave him advice to reconsider and he gave NIKE, Inc a chance and his story changed. he was the first person to receive over $500,000 yearly as an ambassador for a brand.  MJ is one of the most marketed athlete figured in the world of sportIt is impossible not to mention Michael when talking about Nike of today because being an ambassador brings so much prestige and positive quality to other celebrities like him. He usually goes on stadium or basketball court with the Nike band across his head and both hands even when the costume does not fit the Chicago bulls uniform. He makes sure that all his social media platform in combination with newspaper and magazine Ads of him in promotion of the Nike brand. The Nike Air Jordan is a Brand which is associated with class and as well as the love of basketball. The brand is consumed by majority of basketball lovers who want to feel like Michael Jordan and intend to slam duck like him. The Nike emphasize that if you buy the Nike Air Jordan, you can be a world class basketballer like MJ. The concept of the advertisement is for the young people whose dreams are basketball and it makes them believe that the secret of MJ is based on the shoe. People that buy Nike Air Jordan are more focused of the quality and functionality of the brand. The reference group in the case of the Air Jordan is Sport elite. This concept is an aspirational group because the consumer knows that with MJ as a brand ambassador or spokesman they can trust in the brand’s quality.The Nike Air Jordan demographic is for sports lover or basically for basketballers. Also, there is market segmentation on this brand which makes its accessible for consumer of different segment as there are some Nike Air Jordan for celebrities who are not basketballers while there are some for just for fun. The brand is targeted at male and female aged 18-70 The brand archetypes are said to attach with fundamental human psychology for identity construction. For helping to build the consumer trust and loyalty. Nike Air Jordan brand archetype is the hero, which makes the brand a universal sign that all consumers can be able to relate with it in their own way. The Nike Air Jordan is an icon representing which is widely purchased by various type of people and loyal customers from all over the world and socio-cultural backgrounds.