Normally, people have to pay for health-Normally, people have to pay for health-

Normally, children
who are born in a poor family, their family do not send them to school to get
an education but instead they send them to work so they could bring money for
their family. This is why many poor families have a lot of children, so these
children could go out to work. Poverty does not only mean having no food or a
place where to live, but it can also mean when a family is living day- to- day
with having no savings at all. This type of poverty is called income poverty, “income poverty is when a family’s income fails to meet a federally
established threshold that differs across countries. Typically it is measured
with respect to families and not the individual, and is adjusted for the number
of persons in a family” (1UNESCO). Many people do not think
that this actually exist. Children who are living in income poverty are often
isolated from other children because they do not have the same type of clothes
or the newest technological products. this can affect very badly their mental
health and some children do not want to go to school because they are being
bullied. Children notice their parents stressing over their financial state and
they begin to also stress themselves because they feel hopeless and powerless
to help their parents. This is a reason why some children choose to go to work
instead of continuing school so they could help their family. Some children are
born in an unhealthy environment, where their families frequently use drug

Poverty often leads to a higher risk of
illnesses and premature death of children. In most countries, people have to
pay for health- care because the government do not provide it for free. Poor
families cannot afford to pay for their family’s health care or to buy medicine
and it can result in their family members to suffer from a disease and at the
end they die. If the mother of a family is expecting a child and she cannot
afford to buy medicine for the baby, the baby could be born with disabilities
or suffer from a chronic illness later in life. Most of the children who live in
underdeveloped countries go through undernutrition and they mostly endure
chronic diseases such as kwashiorkor and marasmus. Families who live in extreme
poverty in underdeveloped countries, do not have clothes which are suitable for
cold temperatures. There have been a lot of cases, where people, mostly
children, die from hypothermia because they were not dressed appropriate for
cold temperatures and they did not live in a home with central heating. Sometimes
poor families are forced to migrate into illegal situations, to another country
because they think they would have a better life in that country. If these
families manage to get citizenship, their children could get an education. Most
of the time, these children will experience racism and discrimination from
other children. One of the reasons why some of these families decide to migrate
is because of war. The destruction that war brings with it, many families end
up with nowhere to live and all their personal savings gone, so they migrate to
start somewhere new. “poor children are vulnerable in every sense; their
health, their access to education, their safety in dangerous environments,
their exposure to war. In short their well- being is at stake” (Penn, H., 2005,

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One of the most crucial silent killers in
the world is poverty and it mostly affects children. Children do not know the basic needs of life so they
depend on their parents and sometimes their parents do not have enough money to
buy the basic needs so the family ends up living in poverty.  To really understand the
meaning of poverty, a person has to see the inequalities we have in this world,
“we live in an unequal world, where, in general, the rich have become richer
and the poor have become poorer within countries, and the differences between
rich and poor countries have become greater” (Penn, H., 2005, p.1).