Nova new regional immigration collaboration introduced inNova new regional immigration collaboration introduced in

Nova Scotia in 2017 nominated well over
1,400 people through its immigration Program. The province received applications
under 5 streams which are;

*Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

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*Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

*Skilled Worker


*International Graduate Entrepreneur

The Demand: Express Entry stream is a first
come, first served immigration scheme. Candidates can become eligible to apply
under two classes. Category A works for people who have received a job offer in
Nova Scotia. The second which is class B is aimed at accepting people that have
certain level of experience in an occupation that is in demand in Nova Scotia. To
submit applications, people who qualify under class B must wait for the
scheme’s admission period to open.

Class B was the most practical of the Nova
Scotia Demand. In 2017, this class gave access to applicants at three different
times and it closed every time it reached its limit.

It is not necessary for applicants to get a
job offer from Nova Scotia to qualify under class B, nevertheless they should
have their online profile registered in the Express Entry Pool. Furthermore,
applicants are to have a minimum of one year paid work experience in an
occupation targeted in the province.

The year 2017 also saw the arrival of an
additional 200 immigrants with their family members through the Atlantic
Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). This is a new regional immigration collaboration
introduced in 2017. This involves the government of Canada, the provincial
governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and
Newfoundland and Labrador.  These
governments believe that large number of immigrants are needed in the
provinces. If the new immigrants are fixed in the labour market and the local
communities, they’ll contribute immensely to the growth and development of the
economies of these regions.

Nova Scotia has offered quality of life to
immigrants from around the world using its Nominee programs. Nova Scotia and
Canada in general believe that immigration plays a key role in the development
of the nation.

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