Nowadays, (2014) suggests that Environmental protection AgencyNowadays, (2014) suggests that Environmental protection Agency


Nowadays, people like to be more
organized and relaxed than the previous generations. That is a reflection of
their eagerness to be unique among their societies. Furthermore, humans try to
push the development vehicle forward. Mostly, home equipments become their
priorities. Moreover, the new technology  provided people with new inventions. For
example, lights have revolutionized the societies, especially the modern ones
which is led lights. Led lights can be defined as the lights which work with a
height efficiencies and consume low power. The function of led lights is
greater than spread illumination. Led lights have different features that make
people use it.

Led lights have
unique uses not all lights have. According to Kokai and Fujiwara (2016), led
lights system uses the outputs from a sensor and simulation systems. In
addition, it be used in agriculture field as an artificial lighting to help the
plants in growing such as tomato. Khan (2014) states that currently, led
lighting markets are mainly serving three types of applications. Firstly, it displays
directly views. Secondly, it be used for illuminating smaller areas and nearby
objects such as inside refrigerators. Finally, the most spread use is outdoor
lighting for garages, streets, and others. For a tiny invention, a big part
that led light plays in how human live every day. For instance, led illuminates
homes and the international space station. Furthermore, the use of led lights
growth be based on the scientists’ discoveries regarding the ways that can take
the advantages of these mini marvels. Led lights also do not require heat or
mercury to produce light. However, some led bulbs are meant to be softer or
brighter than others. Therefore, each use has independent features that is
compatible with the location ( Roland, 2017).

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The efficiency
of led lights has revolutionized the technology. However, different lights have
totally different efficiencies and quality. In addition, the quality and
quantity of led lights are truly measured by the lumens. Simon (2014) suggests
that Environmental protection Agency said ” if all homes replace just a single
incandescent bulb with an energy star -rated LED, Americans would save close to
$700 million per year in energy costs “. Therefore, moving from incandescent
lighting to led light would minimize the cost by approximately a tenth.
Moreover, this can be more clear with a long period which is over than 5 years.
Jones (2015) states that led lights play an essential role in the industrial
field. For example, using led lights in cars has done a leap in the
manufactures because of many reasons. Firstly, led lights can work under different
conditions. Furthermore, it provides a height level of brightness. Ultimately,
it has a long lifetime comparing with ordinary one. More led bulbs used the
more money that LED save. However, many people never consider how led lights
can reduce labor and maintenance costs. In a fact, led lights do not require
replacing permanent as the traditional ones. In addition, the average life for
one of led lights is about 50KW(kilowatt) which equal to 50,000 hours. That
means led lights be 50 times longer than an incandescent bulbs. As a result,
change 50 of conventional bulbs before change one of led bulb (Lighting Science
Group, 2015).

Mostly, the
design of led lights is different comparing with others. As reported by
Schiller (2013), led lights are rapidly changing and growing. There are many
types of led lights categories, and each one has its own method and procedures
for working and control. Moreover, the most primary led fixture is samples
unite that provides different colors such as red, green, and blue beside the
white. The later gives a much better image while looking directly at the controllable.
For unite and better shadow as well. Trevennor (2012) suggests that some
applications can be applied in order to make led lights instance, using a
remote to control the brightness. Therefore, people can do it from their seat.
In addition, the light automatically switch on when someone entered the house
and go off while the last person left it. That means, no need to pay much
attention for the electricity consumption because the lights will do it.
Furthermore, ” light fixtures play a big role in making lighting friendly to
our environment. Using copper light fixtures, for example, is a way to be environmentally
conscious in lighting choices ” (Ogunseitan,201,P.256).

All in all, the features of led lights contribute to attracting
customers. The efficiency played an important role that make people replace the
ordinary bulbs by the led bulbs. Furthermore, the uses of multi applications of
these lights in the life. It enters in the most places which include uses of
different lights. The most attractive feature is the design that led lights
have. The shape and the color is the most integral part of the these gadgets.
Finally, as long as the revolution of 
technology is rapidly changing, led lights may someday replace the
incandescent bulbs.







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