Nowadays, although the teachers did value individualNowadays, although the teachers did value individual

Nowadays, not a single day goes by without the use of different technologies and machines, which are all the products of masterful engineering.  What truly attracts my attention are the things that do not meet the eye. I am always interested in what makes these technologies tick, I want to know their inner workings and how do they achieve the things that they do. What fascinates me is how engineers have created astonishing creations that were once thought to be able to exist only in our imagination. Through precision and hard work they can solve the most difficult of the world’s problems in the most creative ways. I believe that engineers can change the world and I would like to take part in it.This course could open my eyes to the engineering world. It would give me the opportunity to dive deeper into the different aspects of physics and also would give me a chance to put my theoretical and mathematical skills into practice.  Problem solving is another part of an engineer’s career, however challenges do not intimidate me. Whenever I am faced with a problem, I try to assess it with logical thinking because I believe that every problem can be solved.In addition to that, I think that a successful engineer never stops improving. You cannot prosper as an engineer if you only depend on the knowledge that you graduated with. To succeed you also need to possess and utilize many other abilities and skills, including communication and leadership skills.One great achievement of mine is being accepted to the best selective secondary school in Latvia, Riga State Gymnasium No. 1.  The gymnasium specializes in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and English. It was a completely new experience for me, because although the teachers did value individual success, they also emphasized on the importance of working in a team, thus I improved my communication skills and I also learned how to efficiently work in a team. All the tasks that we were given required logical thinking to be completed therefore every task was a new challenge. Because the gymnasium focuses on the subjects that I am most passionate about, I think I will be sufficiently prepared for the course that I have chosen.I have not been interested in engineering my whole life, even though technical things have indeed fascinated me for quite some time now. The moment I found my interest in engineering was after I had bought my first car. I thought that the car was a brilliant piece of engineering because of the many components which have to work together for the car to function properly.  It was an old car therefore many things broke on it and because I did not have enough money to take it to a mechanic, I had to deal with the problems myself.  This experience was my first real involvement in the engineering world. At first I wasn’t spectacularly good at repairing my car but as time went by I got better and better at it, but it did not come easy. I had to learn the hard way how important attention to detail is because if you leave one bolt untightened, you will be in trouble. Also sometimes when things do not go the way you want them to go, you have to come up with different solutions on the spot because not everything can be fixed by following the instructions. However, after a year I knew the car inside and out.Studies in the United Kingdom would not only educate me academically, but would also help me prepare for independent adult life. Although English is my second language, that has not stopped me from becoming a proficient user of it and it should not stop me from studying in English. My stay in the UK could improve my language skills even more because I would be able to meet new people from different backgrounds which would most definitely improve my social skills.Finally, I hope that a degree from your university will serve as a foundation for my journey of achieving my dreams and a successful career in engineering.